[MAGAZINE] 180221 Jisoo & Rosé on Ceci Korea March 2018 Issue (INTERVIEW + SCANS + OFFICIAL PHOTOS)


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Q: The fans are probably most curious about how is everyone is doing.

JS: In comparison to when preparing hurriedly for a comeback, it’s obviously better when there are more relaxation times. Thus, we’ve been putting a lot of care to our health. We’re practicing as well as having our free time. I used to play games and like reading cartoons, but recently I am drawing everyday. I was surfing the internet and coincidentally I’ve found a drawing book that you can follow easily.

RS: You draw? I didn’t know!

JS: It’s my personal secret. I’m so bad at drawing that I draw in secret when people aren’t looking.

RS: For me, my mother came to Seoul so thanks to her, I’m concentrating on my health. When we start promotions, your stamina is very important, so recently I’ve even started doing PT (Personal Training) too.

Q: Jisoo, you’ve recently finished your activity as the Inkigayo MC. I think you will have so much feelings about it as people called you MC Choo and you received so much love.

JS: That’s right. Every Sunday, I would wake up at 6am in the morning, but it’s a bit sad now that I don’t have to do that anymore. We’ve worked with the staff for a year so I received a lot of affection from them. We were very disappointed, but we all did well until the end. So we told each other to end it happily with smiles. While [the show was] progressing, it was a time where I grew and gained confidence.


Q: I can’t forget about BLACKPINK’s first reality program, <Beulping House>. Was there a special episode or a vacation that’s memorable the most?

RS: We’ve gone overseas for work lots of times but to go for a vacation–it was something very new. Honestly, we were too busy playing rather than resting.  There is always a different stamina when you’re having fun. We made so many new memories with the members so when we came back to Seoul, its was like,  ‘Fighting! We can do anything!’ I really wanted to ride on the zip-line, but in the morning, it was raining. That made it more memorable. Even though it was so cold my feet turned blue, it was still fun. It’s the best when you can laugh and enjoy and spend time with the members.

Q: It was nice to see you take the boat and do parasailing. All of you didn’t seem to look scared?

JS: In summer, we sometimes go water skiing, so we’ve done parasailing before. But this time, the height was so different. It was way higher than I expected so I felt like I was closer to the sky than the ocean. At first, it was a bit scary, but soon I started to get used to it and it was fun! I even had the freedom to look at the surroundings around me.

Q: When Lisa’s parents visited for a surprise, everyone was crying but only Jisoo didn’t cry.

RS: I don’t know if it’s because she’s the oldest unnie, but she normally holds her tears back in front of us. But from what I know, when she has a hard time, she overcomes it herself, and after that she then faces people again.

JS: I don’t cry easily in my family even though I’m the youngest. But I do like crying. When I’m having a hard time or is stressed, I’m the type of person to cry immediately. You know that feeling when you cry and then you feel better afterwards, right? I just don’t cry in front of other people, but I too, have tears. (Laughs)


Q: Tomorrow is Rosé’s birthday. Have you thought about how you will spend the day?

RS: Time really goes fast. This year my birthday is on a Sunday so I’ll go to church with my family and do service there. Then we’ll probably eat together as per usual. I don’t have any schedules on that day only!

Q: If God granted you only one wish only, what would you ask for?

RS: A wish?… Mmm.. I want to say that I want to have a comeback quickly and have promotions. (Laughs)

JS: If it was me, I would ask for supernatural powers. You know like psychokinesis, so I can make things come to me when I want it.


Q: Not just on the variety show you are on together, but just by looking at your SNS, BLACKPINK doesn’t seem to hide their affection to each other. What do you think is the secret to your friendly teamwork?

JS: Probably that we’ve lived with each other for a long time. When we were trainees, we were together from when we woke up until bedtime. It’s not easy even for a family to spend that much of a time together. I would see them for a minute in the morning then when I come back from school, they are all sleeping. Haha.

RS: Aren’t we on the level of a husband and wife? Since we enter work and exit work together, we  can naturally feel comfortable and get closer to each other.

Q: I liked how each person found their good quality, and knowing how to look pretty if you do a certain thing. Today, the two of you shot a beauty pictorial together. Today you’re in a special photoshoot, but how do you normally take care of yourself?

RS: For me, washing is the most important. When it’s a day I wore a lot of makeup, I delicately wash and remove it. No matter how tired I am, I will never skip [the process of] washing [my face].

JS: For me, before shooting I put on a pack. There are a lot of times when my face looks thin and pale. So for me to have a pretty face structure, I eat ramyun the night before to bloat a bit. I don’t bloat easily though.


Q: BLACKPINK are famous for their pretty performances makeup. Is there a particular makeup look that you liked from all your promotional periods?

RS: I liked the makeup when promoting ‘Playing with Fire’ the most. Like then, like today, a coral colour was our main, and to us, we called it the ‘Grapefruit Makeup’, I think it fitted well with my personality.

JS: I originally like wearing and emphasising a red lipstick so I trialled red lips often during performances. I liked emphasising the lips and having the rest [of the makeup] simple.

Q: On days you don’t have schedules, do you personally do your own makeup when you go out?

RS: Yes! I like doing makeup.

JS: Rosé is really good at it.

RS: Rather than leaving the house ready as an aim, there are times that preparing to go out becomes an aim. There are a lot of times when I prepared 2 hours earlier but still end up late. I enjoy spending time by listening to songs I like and getting inspiration from SNS and decorate it myself.


Q: If you enjoy it that much, you must know how to do a lot of the makeup yourself?

RS: I’m the type of use items that I really need and do my makeup similarly as before. Normally, I pay attention to look beautiful and bright. My lip colour is pretty dark so as a base product I always tint my lips. Then, whatever lip colour I put on, the colour shows beautifully.

JS: She’s such an expert. I normally do my base makeup lightly. That’s hard itself. But recently I have a bit of a greed with blush. When I put on blush, the atmosphere in me becomes more brighter and makes me feel better. It also puts some liveliness in. So when I’m receiving makeup, I always emphasise to, ‘More blush, put more on.’

Q: Do you enjoy doing beauty item shopping?

RS: We go to the drugstore often. ‘That’s good, this is good’, and we recommend each other stuff so much.

JS: I normally buy skincare products like lotions or packs, but the rest of the members buy so much makeup products.

Q: If you each had a makeup pouch you always carried, what would be in it?

JS, RS: Lip balm, lip stick, cushion, lip tint. Thats it. Now that we say it, we got exactly the same.


Q: Which photoshoot look did you like the most while shooting today?

RS: The look we shot with Jisoo after our single shots! I thought, ‘That’s so us’, and it suited as so well that I felt proud.

JS: I also liked the last cut. Our costume matched the mood, and the makeup each emphasized the lip so I liked that the most.

Q: Was there a product that you were specially satisfied with while shooting the pictorial?

JS: Yes! The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Shade 12 Corail Incandescent. It was really pigmented and had a moist texture. When we were doing the base makeup, the Yves Saint Laurent Le Cushion Encre de Peau SPF 23PA++ and it made my skin shine and that cover was amazing. 

RS: I, of course love coral.  Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Shade 22 Corail Anti Mainstream was the one that I liked the most. Normally I enjoy putting on lip tints than lip sticks.


Q: Finally, please leave a message to the Ceci Staff and BLINKS.

JS: I feel very good that I get to be on the cover of CeCi, as my sister and I always used to read Ceci when we’re at school. I hope, like I used to do, many people will be interested in my loaded image on CeCi. To BLINKS, I’m sorry for always saying to wait, but I want to promise that a good result will come as much as you waited.

RS: I was happy that I got to shoot a different pictorial with Jisoo unnie. We’ll come out and find you in a better image so please look forward to it. We shot it, hoping BLINKs will like it so I hope you see it in a happy way.

Official Photos:
Translations by @blackpinkau
Scans by @199702ll


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