[IG/TRANS] 180302~24 blackpinkofficial Updates: Jeju Trip, New TikTok Video, Behind Photo Stills Filming for BLACKPINK House & More


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blackpinkofficial: #BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #THROWBACK #2017GayoDaejun #FOROURBLINKS #MWAHH 🥀🥀🥀🐿

blackpinkofficial: #BLACKPINK #JISOO #JejuIsland #BLACKPINKHOUSE #LalisaPhotographer #🖤 #📷 #🐶 #🐾 Seems a bit like the photos are from an interview article….??? 😂😂
Thank you Miss Lalisa Photographer for the pretty photos🙏🏻
Meet BeulPing who went to Jeju Island on this week’s BPHouse
BLINKs~✨Please watch it a lot❤



Thank you for the precious 100 days 🌸
jeju was a beautiful place
had a very memorable 100 days in our pretty pretty pink house 💕 bye bye and see you again 🤘🏻

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#BLACKPINK#ROSÉ#JISOO#JENNIE#LISA#BLACKPINKHOUSE#THANKYOUBLINKS And that's a wrap for BLACKPINK HOUSE 😿Thank you to everyone who watched and supported the Blackpink House.♥️ We worked very hard to make this show entertaining for you guys and so we hope you all enjoyed watching it (as much as we did making it). As Lisa said, *quote* this is a bitter sweet moment for all of us. hahah. But we are always working very hard to give you guys the best of the best so thank you to those of you who are always waiting for us so patiently. We love you Blinks, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you once again for loving and supporting our Blackpink House. xx 블링크 ✨ 다들 블핑하우스 재밌게 봤어요?? 블링크에게 좋은 추억을 만들어주고 싶다는 마음에 시작했던 것 같은데 저희들끼리도 너무 행복한 추억을 만든 것 같아서 고마워요 ☺️ 언제나 저희에게 행복을 주는 블링크✨ 블핑하우스가 끝나서 아쉽지만 😭 얼른 블랙핑크로써 돌아올테니 기다려주세요🙏🏻 너무너무 고맙고 사랑합니댜🖤 ขอขอบคุณทุกคน ที่คอยติดตามรายการมาตลอดนะคะ💕 หวังว่าทุกคนคงชอบ และสนุกไปกับพวกเราทุกๆตอนเลยเนอะ>< อย่าลืมติดตามพวกเราต่อไปนะคะ~ รักนะ จุ้ปจุ้ป☺️

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KRN TRANS blackpinkofficial: BLINKs ✨ Did everyone had fun watching BLACKPINK HOUSE?? We started (the show) wanting to make wonderful memories for BLINKs but we feel like we made happy memories among/for ourselves too and so we are grateful ☺️
To us, BLINKs always give us happiness✨
It’s unfortunate that BPH has ended 😭 We’ll come back as BLACKPINK as soon as possible so please look forward to it🙏🏻
Thank you very very much and we love you

blackpinkofficial: #BLACKPINK #LISA #NONAGON 📷Photo by Chaeng🐿

Translations by: Jaybee @YGDreamers



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