[YG-LIFE] 180311 ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, A Mukbang (Eating Broadcast) in Jeju Island, “A Time to Heal”

BLACKPINK displayed an exciting mukbang in Jeju Island, even making the viewers want to leave for Jeju Island.

On the V-App ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ aired on March 10 at 9 PM, BLACKPINK headed to Jeju Island for a trip. BLACKPINK’s first journey after arriving at Jeju airport was to eat. To do so, they visited Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market. They started drinking hanrabong juice, tangerine juice, and continued with their mukbang (eating broadcast) by eating tteokbokki, fish cake bars, bread, and fish cake. ROSÉ stated, “I don’t know if it’s because we’re in Jeju Island or the place was good at making food, but the rice cake from the tteokbokki was high-end”.

180311 bphouse ep10

At the market, members of BLACKPINK received a mission from the staff. It was to find a shop owner with the last name, ‘Boo’. BLACKPINK searched the market looking for someone with the last name, and they received a royal table meal ticket after successfully completing the mission. JENNIE stated, “I would really like to recommend Dongmun Market since they have great prices and it’s great in experiencing Korean culture”.

Their second journey was to escape from the maze park. LISA teamed up with JISOO and JENNIE teamed up with ROSÉ, while they competed on why escapes the maze first. The escape was not easy as the members thought it would be. LISA went off course multiple times, making people laugh. ROSÉ and JENNIE lost their sense of direction when they almost found the exit and eventually went back into the maze, turning the mission into a hide-and-seek instead of a maze escape. Eventually after trial and error, ROSÉ and JENNIE succeeded in completing the mission.

Their third schedule was to get on a hot air balloon. After learning about safety protocols, BLACKPINK watched Jeju Island’s beautiful scenes in awe from the hot air balloon.

They had a great time, while they lit the fire of the hot air balloon themselves as well.

Later, they headed to a restaurant to use the royal table meal ticket they received from completing the mission. They began another mukbang while eating food made from Jeju Island specialties. After returning to the accommodation, they ate snacks including macarons supplied from the accommodation while dancing to music. The viewers of BLACKPINK HOUSE responded to the episode by stating, “I want to leave for Jeju Island” and “I want to taste the royal table meal made from Jeju specialties too”.

Source: YG-Life

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