[YG-LIFE] 180317 ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, BLACKPINK Completes 100-Day Vacation With Their Trip To Jeju Island

Girl group BLACKPINK’s first reality program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, will close with their joyous trip to Jeju Island.

On the 11th and last episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ which will air on March 17, BLACKPINK will enjoy their trip to Jeju Island.

The members split into two groups and spent joyous time in locations recommended by fans. JISOO and LISA headed to a tangerine farm to experience tangerine picking, which is one of many well-known activities to experience in Jeju Island.

180317 bphouse ep11

After arriving at the farm, the members competed each other to secure trees with tangerines that taste better, and started picking the tangerines.

While picking tangerines, JISOO was inspired by LISA picking tangerines and created the tangerine lady competition video on the spot. JISOO and LISA then perfectly transformed into lovely tangerine ladies, with juicy smiles.

JENNIE and ROSÉ, who are known to be animal lovers, visited a horse riding course by a fan’s recommendation. They displayed excitement as soon as they spotted a horse, after arriving at the horse riding course.

JENNIE stated, “I used to learn to ride a horse for 5 years, when I was in New Zealand”, revealing her confidence. She got used to riding the horse although it’s been quite a while, and showed off her horse riding skills by racing down the track. It is said that even the instructors clapped and applauded at JENNIE’s horse riding skills.

Meanwhile, ROSÉ who was a beginner in horse riding, showed extravagant charms by performing a theatre of situations of a historical drama while stating, “I feel like a princess in the Joseon Dynasty, riding a horse like this”.

BLACKPINK’s Jeju Island travelogue can be accessed through the 11th and last episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ airing on March 17 at 9 PM, through YouTube and Naver V LIVE.

If the total accumulated views for ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ surpassed 88 million views, the ‘12th episode’ will be revealed for the fans as a special broadcast.

Source: YG-Life

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