[YG-LIFE] 180324 ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ Surpasses 88 Million Views, Will Produce 12th Episode as Promised

Group BLACKPINK’s first reality program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ surpassed a total of 88 million accumulated views. They will now honor their public promise.

As of March 24 at 4 PM, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ revealed through YouTube and Naver V LIVE surpassed a total of 88 million accumulated views. BLACKPINK previously promised to create the 12th episode as a special broadcast if ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ surpass a total of 88 million views.

180315 YG_BLACKPINK_OFFICIAL bphouse_6

The first episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ surpassed 10 million views in 5 days since the show premiered, proving BLACKPINK’s popularity. As new episodes were released every week, they were ranked high in Asian Naver V LIVE Charts in countries including Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Furthermore, the program was also placed at V LIVE charts in European and South American countries including Brazil, Spain, and Mexico, indicating global popularity of the show.

Through the reality program, BLACKPINK revealed their variety of charms, different from the girl-crush aspects they used to display on stage. They have recently finished recording their new album and are now preparing to make comeback.

Source: YG-Life