[YG-LIFE] 180327 BLACKPINK Will Hold Their First ‘Arena Tour’ in Japan, Will Gather 66,000 Audiences

Group BLACKPINK will hold an Arena Tour in Japan for the first time since debut.

Starting from their concert which will be held at Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka on July 24, they will hold the ‘BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018’ in 3 cities including Fukuoka and Chiba, in a total of 6 concerts. The upcoming tour is meaningful since it was determined before their first debut anniversary in Japan. BLACKPINK will become one of K-Pop’s representative girl groups in Japan through their upcoming Arena Tour.

180302 YGEXStaff re blackpink

Approximately 66,000 audiences will gather to watch BLACKPINK perform in their Arena Tour. Since it’s the group’s first live tour in Japan, it is expected that many fans will pay attention to the event.

BLACKPINK’s popularity in Japan was already confirmed last year on July. From their debut showcase to Budokan, BLACKPINK fascinated local fans with their charms. They sold out 14,000 tickets, while over 20,000 people entered to buy tickets.

On September 2017, they were ranked at no. 1 at Oricon Weekly CD Album Chart with their Japanese debut album, ‘BLACKPINK’. They proved their status as representative K-Pop artists in Japan, through results in music charts.

Additionally, they displayed strong presence by becoming models in 7 different major facilities in Japan including the fashion building ‘Shibuya 109’, which represents Shibuya, Tokyo. Furthermore,

BLACKPINK was chosen as one of the most influential people in analyzing in-words used by teenage girls in Japan based on a research from ‘2018 trend expectations’ by local press, receiving the spotlight.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has recently met the fans through their first exclusive variety program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, and are currently preparing for comeback as they have finished recording their new album.

Source: YG-Life

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