[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Mini Japan Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)



Q1. Who’s in your family?
Three people (myself, my dad, and my mom).

Q2. Blood type?

Q3. Where are you from?

Q4. What is your strong point?

Q5. What is your weak point?
Not being able to stay still.

Q6. Hobby?
Watching movies.

Q7. What’s a phrase you always say by habit?
“Oh my GOD”.

Q8. Nicknames?
Rondalisa, Nallalisa, Ryorisa, Kokkilisa.

Q9. Flower you like?

Q10. Favorite Book?
The Little Prince.

Q11. Favorite number?

Q12. Favorite Manga?

Q13. Favorite Movie?
About Time.

Q14. Favorite Artist?

Q15. Favorite song from that artist?

Q16. Favorite part of your face?

Q17. Eyesight?
I don’t remember!

Q18. Do you have a pet? If you did what would the name be?
I own two cats back in Thailand named ‘Hunter’ and ‘Tiga’.

Q19. Childhood dream?
Dance Teacher, Cabin Attendant.

Q20. Favorite place in Korea?

Q21. Favorite place in Thailand?

Q22. Favorite place in Japan?

Q23. Place you want to visit?


Q24. How do you study Korean?
I watch a lot of Korean dramas.

Q25. What made you start learning dancing and rapping?
My mom let me go to a dance school and that was how I started! I started rapping when I became a trainee.

Q26. Role Model?
Komatsu Nana and Kehlani.

Q27. Lessons you liked when you were a trainee?

Q28. Memory from your trainee days?
It was always fun whenever we made our own choreography with the members!

Q29. Usual shopping place?
Online shopping.

Q30. A fashion item that’s got your attention right now?

Q31. For fashion, who or what do you look at for reference?
Bella Hadid.

Q32. Your own fashion style in one word?

Q33. What do you find most important when buying clothes?
Whether it goes with the trend or not.

Q34. From all the shopping you have done until now, what was something you bought that made you feel “This was a mistake.”
Fur Hat.

Q35. Fashion item that you collect a lot of without thinking?
Hoodie with a baby’s face printed on it.

Q36. Your best outfit?

Q37. Make up you are obsessed with right now?
Natural Make up!

Q38. Beauty products that you collect?

Q39. What do you focus on when it comes to skin care?
Putting on face masks.

Q40. Hair style you would like to try?
A hair style without bangs.

Q41. Average sleeping hours?
9 hours.

Q42. Outfit when you go to sleep?

Q43. Morning person?
No way!

Q44. What do you do right away when you wake up?
Drink water.

Q45. What kind of food would make you happy in the morning?
Breakfast that my dad makes.

Q46. What’s something you want to eat the most right now?

Q47. Favorite Korean dish?
Gamjatang. (A/N: Korean spicy pork stew)

Q48. Favorite Thai dish?
Pad ka Pow.

Q49. Favorite Japanese dish?

Q50. Dish you’re good at making?
Pad Thai.

Q51. Favorite bread?

Q52. Favorite cake?
Red Velvet Cake.

Q53. Favorite drink?


Q54. Favorite season?

Q55. When you were a student, were you a Liberal Arts type or the Physical education type? (In other words, were you sporty or not sporty?)
I was in 芸体能 (T/N: a subject in Korea that most likely focuses on knowledge and skills as an artist), but I was very bad at sports. *laughs*

Q56. When you were a student, what subject were you good at and what subject were you bad at?
I was good at science and I was bad at math.

Q57. If you could be a man for one day what would you do?
Pick up/flirt with girls!

Q58. If you were born again would you be a guy or a girl?

Q59. If you were to give an advice to your past self?
Have fun and live life.

Q60. If you could go back to the past, how old would you be?

Q61. On the other hand, if you could go to the future, how old would you be?

Q62. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Travel all around the world.

Q63. Last meal, what would you eat?

Q64. One thing you would like to do before you die?
Sky diving.

Q65. If you had a week break what would you do?
Family trip to Switzerland.

Q66. Favorite tv show?
Stranger Things.

Q67. A TV show you want to be in?
The Japanese TV show called “Toudai ou” (T/N: Toudai is the #1 university in Japan & Ou means king, so basically a tv show with smart people)

Q68. How do you ease yourself when you are nervous?
I encourage myself by saying, “I’ll be fine, I can do it.”

Q69. Someone you would like to perform with?

Q70. The source of your energy?
Yummy foods.

Q71. What makes you feel happy?
When I eat delicious foods.

Q72. When you go to a convenience store, what’s something you unconsciously buy?
Kinder chocolate that has a toy that comes with it.

Q73. What scares you the most?

Q74. Favorite interior?
Cute lighting.

Q75. Any words that were memorable that you have heard in your life?
Nothing in particular.

Q76. Something that you feel, “I want to come out/tell everyone now!”? (T/N: They make it sound like she needs to come out of the closet or maybe that’s just me lol)
Nothing in particular.

Q77. When you’re sad, what do you do to change your mood?
Crying while hugging my pet/s eventually makes me feel better.

Q78. A song you always sing during karaoke?
“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.


Q79. If you were to give advice to someone that wants to get into YG Entertainment?
It’s best if you show all your charms and how hard you work!

Q80. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?
Study in Australia. Take pictures.

Q81. The biggest happening that has happened ever since you joined the entertainment business?
BLACKPINK’s music video appearing on a Marvel movie.

Q82. A moment when you feel glad that you had this job?
When I see our fans smile.

Q83. Did you watch the Olympics? What was your favorite sport?
I like snowboarding so I watched it!

Q84. Do you believe in fortune telling?

Q85. In the future, what is a dream house that you would like to live in?
A house with a huge backyard!

Q86. After debuting, what was the hair style you liked the most?
When I debuted with the blonde hair.

Q87. An outfit that was most memorable out of all your performances?
The rainbow colored fur clothes that I wore during the award ceremony.

Q88. Impression of Japanese fans?
The way they speak is cute.

Q89. When will you post something on Instagram?
That’s a secret!

Q90. Any fun moments recently when the four of you were in the dorms together?
When we ate chicken together.

Q91. What’s something you bring whenever you go overseas for your job?
A speaker.

Q92. Something that you want to accomplish by this year?
Release an album.

Q93. Usually what do you do/play with?
Listen to music, play Nintendo games!

Q94. Favorite restaurant?
Wolfgang Steak House.

Q95. What kind of nails do you like?
Cubic nails.

Q96. Any other talents besides dancing and rapping?
Drawing pictures of cats.

Q97. Which one can you bear? The heat or the cold?

Q98. Dream that you dreamed of recently?
Dream about snakes.

Q99. When you can’t sleep, what do you do?
Face the other way.

Q100. What’s your sixth sense?
My sense with rhythm.


Is there anything interesting that you would like to point out regarding the repackaged album?
First and foremost, the footage of the Budokan is in it, so THAT is very important! We prepared so much for that stage! It’s a 360 degree stage so I think that’s very awesome!

The fan’s enthusiasm/heat was crazy!
The chants were so much more louder than I had imagined! More than anything, there were so many fans there, and I was filled with so much gratitude.

Among all of the work you do with lives, tv appearances, and fashion magazine’s, which one do you like best?
I like every job I get, but I enjoyed appearing on tv show’s the most! The mc/cast would make everything entertaining! Anyhow, everything was so new to us! It’s so different compared to Korea. For example, the direction of the camera that was shooting us, the angles… It really was surprising! We sang BOOMBAYAH at a morning news/information tv program, not at a music tv show! And the camera’s would close up from the top like Dooon! *Sound of something closing in in Japanese* (laughs)

When you appeared on a Korean variety show, it was hilarious how you did the popular Thai taxi dance where you grab stars in the dance. After seeing that, it made us realize how much you are cut out for variety shows as well!
No way, I am not used to it at all! To be honest, I wasn’t planning on doing it at all! However, the members were like, “It will definitely be hilarious, so DO it!” because they’ve seen me dance to it in the past. That’s why I decided to dance it….(laughs)

It was super cute!!💕 The model Lisa-chan in NONA9ON is always very cool!
I’ve been doing it ever since I was a trainee, but when I was chosen it was so shocking. I thought to myself, even I could become a model! Becoming a model was a dream I’ve had ever since I was a baby, so I was very happy.

I recommend the collection that I collaborated with! There are a variety of items that anyone can wear casually like a purple hoodie, a yellow t-shirt… those are my favorite colors. I made it by using my clothes that I wear everyday as a base! (Assuming she helped design the clothes.)

The four of you were exploding with and showing off your charms through the reality show BLACKPINK HOUSE that was released on Vlive and YouTube. For you Lisa-chan, what was the most memorable thing that happened?
It was very fun when we got to go to Thailand!

Your dad cooked for you guys, right?
Ah, did you watch everything? Ohhh! I knew it was strange! (Laughs) After all, it was all my favorite foods! I knew right away that only my parents would know this menu. That’s why right after I saw it, I was like “AHHH!”

The members looked like they were about to cry too.
All the members met my parents in Korea before, but because it was their first time meeting them in my hometown, Thailand, they were touched.

You guys went to roof top bars, shopping, and etc, but what did you enjoy the most?
The zip line (the attraction that reminds you of Tarzan) that we went on when it was raining was very fun! It was just so funny how we went when it was raining. (Laughs) Remember when Rosé-chan’s foot became all blue because she was wearing sandals (laughs)? That was so funny!

I thought you guys were doing such an intense filming, but it seems you had fun. (Laughs)
Before we left, I also thought it was going to be exhausting! However, it was very fun once we went! 💜


When you guys went to buy beddings, Jennie said that the rabbit pattern was creepy, but you ended up buying it anyways, right? I laughed a little at that as well. (Laughs)
Yeah that! (Laughs) But I thought it was super cute!! Anyhow, I love cute things! I like patterns! Also, I love things that are unusual, even with clothes! Maybe that’s why people don’t understand. (Laughs)

Well then, please tell us what you like about each of the members!
First of all, Jisoo-san is just so funny! When I’m with her I can always be happy and keep laughing. Jennie-san is so cool! Even though she’s cool, whenever I sometimes get to see her sweet side, she’s so cute! Rosé-chan is the same age as me, and she is truly my best friend! When I’m with her, I can discuss my problems with her, and there is a big part of me that relies on her as well.

What are the members always doing?
Jisoo is always playing games! PC games and cellphone games! Anyways, she is always playing games. Also, she really loves watching anime! Even if it’s an anime I don’t particularly like, she always invites me by saying, “Let’s watch it together~!”, because she likes it. (Laughs) Jennie likes mysterious toys like slime, and small candy toys. She makes them often. Rosé frequently watches American dramas. She also has a pet fish and looks after it. When she’s bored, there are a lot of times when she is just staring at the fish.

Message to each of the members!
OH! WOW!! What should I say? Jisoo-san, let’s watch anime together later! Jennie-san, I want to be in the same room again with you unnie (embarrassed)! Rosé-chan, I’ll buy you another fish!

Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about fashion. Mini is a street style fashion magazine for girls, but what do you think of this style?
It’s a style that I want to imitate! (While looking at Mini Magazine) I love wearing baggy jackets and tops! I love these kind of jersey’s with lines in them as well! I love sneakers too, especially white sneakers! I use them regularly. I frequently wear similar caps that I wore for this magazine, and I like knitted hats too.

That’s precisely Mini’s fashion style! When we think of BLACKPINK, we think of big/a bunch of accessories.
For our stage outfits, it’s like that, however I really like casual clothing, so I rarely wear any accessories for my own outfits. (Laughs)

Do you have any preferences when it comes to balancing your outfit and makeup?
When I feel like I want to do flashy make up, I would wear ALL BLACK. On the other hand, I think that if I were to wear brighter clothes, I would focus on my lips, and just put on mascara. I love lipstick the most, and right now I really like the color that looks like pink and brown are mixed together or the color of “dried up roses”.

I know you guys are preparing for your next comeback, but what’s the situation like?
We are currently doing our best and working on it! Please wait just a li~ttle bit longer!

Lastly, please give a message to all Mini readers!
I feel very honored to have worked with Mini-san once again. I hope that we have more and more work together in the future!

Really?! (Laughs) We’re happy to hear that! 💕
Yes! By the way, I signed the hat for the reader’s gift! Please wear it cutely! 💜

Scans by @327_PERCENT
Translation by LisooDaisuki via @LISANATIONS_


Scans by @lots_a_ChaeYoon

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