[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Nicola Japanese Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)




I find a genre that suits me and just practice it many times. When I was a student I went to school (maybe for dance or sing) and practice 5~6 hours. I love and listen to Black music and I got influenced by Rihanna a lot.


Do you have your own fashion rules?
I want my legs to look nice as it is so I try to avoid wearing white pants. I don’t also think about branded clothes that much. If I like the clothes, I will buy it. I do shopping a lot in Korea but I also use America’s online shopping frequently!


How do you keep your hair healthy?
I dye my hair but it seems the color didn’t fade away… I think my hair is not that damage? But I have a very weak scalp so I make sure to take care of it after putting shampoo. The important thing is hair treatment! If ever I have time. I always go to the salon and ask the staff to apply it.

How do you keep your style?
Exercise! I do a lot of running machine and squats while my trainer looks after me. For food, eating rice is a must for me so I always keep in mind to exercise. I also love to eat bread, pasta and sweets that’s why exercise is a must!


How did you learn Thai/Eng/Kor?
Since I was a kid my father always speaks in English and I also learned it through watching foreign dramas so I’m thankful I can speak English. For Korean, I studied it when I was a trainee. Right now, I’m trying to learn Japanese and my favorite word is “doki doki” because the sound of it is cute. 💜

When you’re tired, what will you do to refresh yourself?
I’ll watch animes. Especially Disney/Pixar’s latest “Remember Me” (A/N: I think this is referring to the OST of the animated movie ‘Coco’) is my favorite. Whenever I watch it, I feel relaxed.



What was your fashion and hairstyle during highschool?
I had short hair and my fashion, everything about it was boyish. when I was in junior high school, I was watching a Korean drama and the main act had short hair and I got inspired by it. That time, maybe I was popular among the girls. Just kidding~ 😂

What subject did you like and hate?
My favorite was English and Science. I hate Math and I’m not that good at it so I took some private lessons to overcome it. I think my school grades overall wasn’t that bad.


What would you do if you feel nervous during concerts?
I’ll empty my head and take a deep breath and I’ll feel relaxed. Even now, I still get nervous before the concert and my palms also sweat sometimes. When you feel nervous, just don’t think about anything.

What is the part of you that you think you won’t lose to the other members?
I’m the only Thai among my members so I just let my foreign feelings out. On looks, I think my strong points is my eyes and lips…? But this is too embarrassing to say this on my own. 😂

Scans by @327_PERCENT
Translation by ultlalisasm via @LISANATIONS_

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