[MAGAZINE] 180528 Lisa on Nylon Japan July 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)

180522 nylonjapan lisa

The popular group member, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, has finally come to cover our magazine! The limited edition Nylon web magazine which she covered (solo) became popular and got sold out as soon as it was released so it is expected that this month’s official solo cover will be sold out as well.

Inquiries flooded even before the launch. The ‘universe’ themed cover stories are delivered in 20 pages. As Lisa’s beautiful style stands out, her visuals are the ones that you want to watch forever, so not only the fans but also the people that will see her for the first time will be captivated. There will also be an interview and a double sided posted as an appendix. It is also a story where you will be stunned non -stop.

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Translation by @LISANATIONS_ | Revised by YGDreamers

First Solo Since Debut, #BLACKPINK Lisa, ‘NYLON JAPAN’ Official Cover

BLACKPINK Lisa will be a solo cover model for the first time since debut.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be the cover model for the July 2018 issue of ‘NYLON JAPAN’ set to be released on May 28th.

For the universe-themed project, Lisa will be wearing various colorful outfits. The issue will include 20 pages of fashion stories, a double poster appendix and Lisa’s interview titled ‘Girl Talk’ which you don’t usually hear.

On shooting the cover, Lisa conveyed her feelings and said “I was extremely nervous but worked hard to make good shots. It’s my first time doing a shoot w/ a universe concept so I was excited & it was really fun. It’s an honor to be in charge of the cover this time.”

Source: Herald Pop
Translation by YGDreamers

INTERVIEW: ‘Lisa’s Talk Room’


About Fashion

N: Do you have any standards on your summer fashion?
L: Yes. A dress, short pants!

N: I think you look good on short pants. You have really beautiful legs. Do you take care of it?
L: I tend to do a lot of sports. My trainer creates my training routine and I’ll do it.

N: It looks hard. Do you like sports?
L: I don’t really like it. 😂😂 But I do it for my health and shape up.

N: You wore a lot of heels today. Which one do you wear usually, heels or sneakers?
L: I wear sneakers a lot but I want to challenge myself to wear heels while walking the streets like other ladies do!

N: What style do you wear usually?
L: I like denims so I tend to wear denim jackets and pants a lot.

N: What item do you coordinate first?
L: Hmmm? Maybe from the bottom? But it changes according to my mood.

N: What’s your fashion inspiration?
L: From my favorite artists. When I have a modeling job I study styling a lot.

N: Do you have a style icon?
L: One of my favorite artist, Kehlani. She’s my style icon.

About Beauty

N: Do you do your make-up on your own?
L: Yes. I love it a lot!

N: Where’s your make-up point?
L: Mascara.

N: Do you also apply color mascaras?
L: When I have a photoshoot, I apply it but usually I don’t.

N: Favorite lip color?
L: Summer is near, so I like red or orange. I love the velvet feelings on it.

N: Velvet!? I never heard of it here in Japan.
L: Really!? It’s very popular in Korea.

N: About skincare, what beauty tips you keep for yourself? Please tell us💞
L: Before I sleep, I apply a skincare cream but in case it won’t penetrate, I bought a facial massager to use anytime!

N: When is the timing you’ll use the facial massager?
L: After you wash your face and apply the skincare cream before you sleep!

N: How was it?
L: Very good. I have dry skin so I apply a lot of skincare cream. When I use both, my skin gets really moisturized and it continues until when I wake up in the morning!

N: You do a lot of hairstyles and hair color. Among those, what was your favorite?
L: When I debuted, the blonde hair that I put a lot of camouflage was my favorite!

N: What hair color will you do next?
L: Pink hair. Isn’t it cute?💜


About Performance & Member

N: Your rap is really addictive. Why did you start doing it?
L: When I was still a trainee, there was a genre challenge happening and I think that rap was the one that suits me the most so I keep on doing it.

N: Who are the rappers that you admire to be or your goal to become?
L: I like Nicki Minaj. She is cool.

N: I watched your performances and I noticed you always smile. Do you ever feel nervous?
L: I do get nervous but I want our fans to enjoy the performance so I think I tend to smile a lot.

N: So you do get nervous! What performance does BLACKPINK enjoy the most?
L: Every song is fun but I think BOOMBAYAH’s chorus is the most fun one!

N: The time you debuted with “BOOMBAYAH” until today, was there any difference?
L: Nothing much 😂😂😂

N: 😅😅 Your trainee life was hard. What was your motivation?
L: The support of my dad and mom really helped me a lot. And my fellow trainee members who I trained with. We shared a lot of painful times. We shared about a dream that is debuting and I think that was keeping me and my motivation up.

N: For Lisa, what is the difference between BLACKPINK and the other artists?
L: First, the name of our group is BLACKPINK which means that the group has a lot of charms. And our cool performances are one of it too.

N: Please tell us the things you respect among the members.
L: Rosé-chan who does the work perfectly from the start until the end. I really respect her a lot for it. Jennie-san, I like her how she’s different off and on stage! When she performs, she turns sexy and instantly becomes everyone’s girl crush but when she’s off stage, she turns into a lovable and funny person. Jisoo-san, who is always happy and full of energy. I also always get a lot of happiness from her. She’s the oldest and she leads us well so I really respect her a lot too.

N: Do you and your members play during day offs?
L: We often go to a theme park or aquarium!

N: All of you must be really close!
L: Yes,we are all close!

N: So you also talk about love stories…?


About Private

N: What kind of man do you find attractive?
L: My father is a chef so I think a man that can cook is cool.

N: 3 things you want from a man.
L: It’s too hard~😂 But kindhearted, can cook and a lifestyle that fits to mine.

N: How about woman?
L: Jennie-san!😂 She’s sexy and lovable!
N: I never thought you’d pick your own member!😂

N: What do you think is your charming point?
L: It’s too embarrassing to say it on my own!😂 I don’t know!

N: You’re a nice girl! What kind of a little kid were you?
L: I was a happy kid. I always loved to play and my family always go to a vacation overseas once a year.

N: Your favorite country?
L: I love Switzerland. It has a lot of green in it and the weather is really good. I also love mountains. Once, when I climbed a mountain in Switzerland there’s a flower that I loved that’s blooming.


N: What kind of food do you like?
L: I love everything.

N: Japanese and Korean food also?
L: Yes. And my father is from Switzerland so I love their food too.

N: Favorite movie?
L: ‘About Time’. I watched it 10 times already. The scene that I got touched the most is when the child knew about his father’s illness and when they rode the time machine and traveled back in the past to spend their time together.

N: Where do you want to go when you go on a date?
L: I watched ‘My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday’ and I want to go to the place where it was filmed! The old homes that were lining on the streets are so pretty. I want to go to a date right there.


N: What emojis do you use the most?
L: I use 🤘🤘🤘

N: Last question. Favorite Japanese word?
L: Doki doki! kira kira! (sound of heart beating)
N: Where did you learned it?
L: I learned it from my Japanese teacher in Korea. When we’re asked “How was the performance today?”, my teacher said if you’re nervous just say “doki doki”. And I also think it is cute.


Scans by @sgeswa
Translation by @ultlalisasm | Revisions by YGDreamers

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