[IG/TRANS] 180526~29 fromyg (Yang Hyung Suk) Updates: Group Chat with BLACKPINK + More From Official Lightstick

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On the afternoon of May 26th, YG shared screen captures of his conversation with BLACKPINK in their group chatroom via his personal Instagram account. Soon after it was released, for unknown reason, YG deleted the post.

The caption of the said post is translated as follows (via @poopheyy)

fromyg: #BLACKPINK #As_compared_to_looks_these_kids_have_a_more_beautiful_heart #From_today_onwards_starting_to_focus_on_dance_practice #NewEP #Release_Date #20180615 #YG

180526 fromyg gc with bp_1

YG: Kids. Time is very tight on practice. Monday due to a CF (filming?), yall won’t be able to practise so you’re only left with today and tomorrow. Tuesday, other than Lisa, come early for practice and I go and amend it a bit. (Lisa join in the evening after the CF filming)

Jennie (J): ㅜㅠ CEO, is your neck okay 😭😭

Jisoo (Chichi): Hut kekekeke Okay! We’ll set it well 😭😭😭🤣 please don’t be in pain anymore 😭

180526 fromyg gc with bp_2

Rosé (BeulPing Chaeyoung): 🙏🙏 Yes CEO!!! ㅜㅜ please don’t be in pain anymore

Rosé: We will work hard CEO!! (she made a typo)

T/N: Rosé wrote 연심 (yeon sim) instead of 열심 (yeol sim = hardworking)

YG: Who is yeon-sim? A new member?

Rosé: ㅜㅜ typo ☹☹

Rosé: hehehe

YG: Ah. I was excited for a while

180526 fromyg gc with bp_3

All: 😂😂🤣🤣

YG: Anyways, fighting!!! This song is coming out. It took a 1 year. Let’s work hard!!

T/N: Instead of saying 열심 (yeolsim), he used 연심 (yeonsim) 😂😂, the typo that rosé used eariler, to tease her

180526 fromyg gc with bp_4

YG: Artists must all have a sense of responsibility and accountability to capture all the audience’s attention when they go onto stage

YG: Being humble offstage… Is an artist’s most beautiful side

Jisoo: Yes, we will keep that in mind!!

Rosé: We will keep that in mind! 🙏🙏

Jennie: Yes hehe we’ll work hard to become BLACKPINK that will enjoy being on stage anytime, as well as be modest offstage🙏

Lisa (Lisa’s new phone no.): 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

180526 fromyg gc with bp_5

YG: To be able to care and be humble to others who aren’t on the same level as you, is the coolest thing on earth

YG: I believe that BeulPing are people who are like this (who are kind to others)… Other people who look down on people who are weaker than them should not be even considered humans, they are dogs

YG: Okay, we’ve talked a lot today… Everyone fighting!!

Jennie: Yes CEO!!!!

Rosé: hehe yes CEO~~ Thank you for always sharing with us good word with us~~~ 🙏 fighting!!!

Lisa: Yes!!! Fighting!!!

T/N: For those confused, YG is telling the girls not to be people who looks down others who may be weaker than them. He is also comparing these kind of people to non-humans and dogs. He wants BP to be people who are always modest and caring towards others

Captions on photos say:

R: It’s shaped like a cute squishy toy hammer, right?

L: I like the pink light the most!

Translations by: @poopheyy  | Jaybee @YGDreamers



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