[NEWS] 180601 Special ‘SQUARE UP’ Moving Poster Revealed

BLACKPINK will be coming back on June 15th with their first mini album ‘SQUARE UP’.

‘SQUARE UP’ means ‘Bring it on’ or ‘Let’s fight’. It holds a message of ‘ steadily/strongly/confidently standing up/fighting/confronting’.

At 9am (KST) ,on June 1st, YG Entertainment has revealed a moving teaser poster for BLACKPINK’s first mini album ‘SQUARE UP’ on their official blog (


The 9-second specially made moving poster includes the comeback date ‘2018.06.15’ and ‘1st MINI ALBUM’.

The pink square is (gradually) perfectly revealed on black background then it rotates and is projected in 3D. At the top bears the album name ‘SQUARE UP’.

‘SQUARE UP’ is an extension of BLACKPINK’s debut album ‘SQUARE ONE’ and second album ‘SQUARE TWO’—the ‘SQUARE’ series that BLACKPINK has been doing since debut. If you look at each album covers, you can see that the process of slowly unveiling the square is being presented.

BLACKPINK had 1-2 single/title tracks from their previous releases so far but this time, it will be a first for them to present a mini album with several songs. With this, expectations from fans and the public has gone high.

BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, 2016 with ‘WHISTLE’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’, followed by their second album which includes ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ and ‘STAY’ then to their recent release, ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’, which all received record-breaking success and popularity.

On the 13th of last month, ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ MV reached 300 million views on YouTube breaking their own record for ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and becoming the fastest girl group to do so in 11 months. In addition, all of BLACKPINK’s music videos since debut have hit more 100 million views with ‘WHISTLE’ & ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ reaching 200M and ‘STAY’ reaching 100M, setting them as one of the top class girl groups.

May contain inaccuracies.

Translated by YGDreamers
Source: YGFamily

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