[YG-LIFE] 180617 “DDU-DU DDU-DU” Successfully Sets New World Record

BLACKPINK is headed towards the global market. They not only conquered music charts in Korea, but also foreign charts in 44 different countries, proving their worldwide influence. They also surpassed 40 million views in the first 27 hours in YouTube, which serves as an index of global popularity.

Despite being vacant in the K-Pop scene for 1 year, BLACKPINK is showing massive influential power. Their first mini album ‘SQUARE UP’ released back on the 15th topped iTunes Album Charts in 44 different countries. The countries include Germany, India, japan, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

180617 dddd mv 40m yt views

YouTube and iTunes serve as indexes that objectively represent global recognition and popularity. BLACKPINK achieved positive results on both platform without special promotional activities overseas.

Their achievements in Korea are also untouchable. The title song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ topped music charts including Mnet, Melon, Genie, Naver Music, Soribada, Bugs, and Olleh Music in 2 hours since its release, while other tracks from the album were also ranked high in various music charts.

The MV for the title song hit 10 million views in 6 hours, 20 million views in 13 hours, 30 million views in 23 hours, and 40 million views in 27 hours, re-writing every existing record set by K-Pop girl-groups. According to U.S. Billboard’s ‘Top 10 Most Viewed MVs in the First 24 Hours’, BLACKPINK had the best record among all girl-groups in the world and was placed at 4th among all global artists.


The album ‘SQUARE UP’ contains 4 tracks including the title song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, the sub-title song ‘FOREVER YOUNG’, ‘REALLY’, and ‘SEE U LATER’. All songs were produced by hitmaker TEDDY, who has been working with BLACKPINK ever since debut.

Members of BLACKPINK have previously stated, “We prepared with sincerity for the fans who have waited for us for 1 year, so please show love and support” at a press conference. They added, “We love every single track from the album, so please look forward to it”.

JENNIE stated, “We felt like it was a long time as well. But we worked on many songs while preparing for our comeback. We have done more than 4 songs we are releasing with the album. We wanted to meet the fans as soon as possible, but we wanted a degree of completion, so we had to pay attention to detail. We are now confident that we can make up the time we were absent”.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will actively engage in promotional activities in Korea from now on. They have received positive reviews from the fans and related officials through their comeback performances at MBC ‘Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

Source: YG-Life

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