[NEWS] 180629 Interview Pt 3: BLACKPINK Shares Their Thoughts On Being Recognized As A Stylish Group, Variety Shows, And More

In a recent interview, BLACKPINK talked about being known as style icons, participating in variety shows, and more.

When asked what title they would like to be called, Jisoo answered, “It’d be nice if we could be a BLACKPINK that people trust to put out good music. I have a large desire to be acknowledged musically. I want us to make sure we keep the image of a group that releases only good songs.”

180319 blackpinkofficial bphouse finale_5

The girl group appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Room” recently and shared their thoughts about variety shows in general. Lisa said, “I feel nervous about appearing on variety shows. However, I got more comfortable while filming our reality show ‘BLACKPINK House’.”

Jennie shared, “I feel more comfortable [on variety shows] than our last promotions. I think I’m becoming better and better on variety shows. Jisoo and Lisa are very funny, so I always look forward to them. They’re comedic even when they aren’t trying.” Jisoo added, “However, some fans tease us by saying our variety shows are no fun. I’d like to take out the ‘no’ and just be fun.”

When asked what they’re like in real life, Jisoo replied, “Once we’re excited, we’re unstoppable. We become very loud. We’re just like other girls our age. There are many times when our conversation strays further than you could imagine.”

Sometimes, Jennie is called the “Human Chanel” or “Human Gucci.” Concerning her reputation as a fashionista, she explained with laughter, “I think those nicknames are funny and entertaining. I don’t make an effort to keep those nicknames though. I am grateful I got such a nickname in the moment I tried to show various aspects of myself. I’ll try out new experiences so that fans can find a nickname that suits me better.”


BLACKPINK was asked what they thought was the reason they were picked as a stylish girl group, and Jennie replied, “Of course music comes first, but we’re paying special attention to our outfits. We give each other recommendations and receive advice from people around us. It is also important to be confident and monitor yourself carefully. It’s a very joyful thing to be called a stylish team.”

The members revealed what their favorite compliments from their fans have been. Jennie said, “I feel happy when I hear ‘they’re pretty but good as well’. I won’t have any more wishes if they say our performances are great, too. I’ll work hard.” Lisa shared, “I get encouraged at the comment ‘as expected from BLACKPINK’. It feels like they’re trusting us as a whole.”

Rosé revealed, “I feel proud when I hear that they listen to our music in their daily lives. It makes me happy when they hear us while they’re driving, going to work, and such. Also, it feels rewarding when they like our title song as well as the other songs on the album.” Jisoo said, “I get a lot of strength when I hear we got better than last time. While working on the album, we tried to show a new sides to ourselves. I feel like we’ve grown. Also, I like hearing that we’re funny on variety shows.”

BLACKPINK recently came back with title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

Source: Soompi

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