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60 seconds CF

On July 9th, O-LENS shared on their official SNS accounts and website the full 30 seconds CF of BLACKPINK for the contact lens brand. Also, check out the photos for the endorsement below!

























































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[#EVENT 당첨자발표] #OLENS X #BLACKPINK Video 최/초/공/개! 🎵 오렌즈와 명품돌 블랙핑크의 만남💓 #congratulation . . 1) 블랙핑크 친필 사인CD+ 착용렌즈2종 @yeaheahea @alicepark1004 @jin_jini2 . 2) 블랙핑크 착용렌즈 1종 @cosme_mue @j_h_127 @bloss0m_ @jegal.minji @celine__ji @gasilvery @__b_2nn @ohioyy @idyang95 @dufma524 . 인스타그램 13명 / 페이스북 12명 당첨자 발표되었고, 참여해주신 모든 분들 감사의 말씀 전합니다. . . <유의사항> *제품 전달을 위해 아래의 개인정보를 07/22일까지 DM으로 전달해주세요. *CD + 렌즈 당첨자는 (이벤트명 / 성함 / 휴대폰번호/ 렌즈도수 / 주소 / 개인정보 활용 동의) *렌즈 당첨자는 (이벤트명 / 성함 / 휴대폰번호 / 개인정보 활용 동의) *기한내 미전달시 당첨은 취소됩니다. . 영상 속 블랙핑크 착용렌즈가 궁금하다면? ▶ ✔️본 이벤트는 오렌즈 모든 채널에서 진행됩니다 . . Hello. Everyone. We would like to announce regarding BLACKPINK's banner in our website. Lisa's personal banner was not updated on our website because the product "Sympony 3con" was not released yet. However, we just updated her banner on our website as many of you requeted. We really apologize for not making clarification about this in advance, and misspell of Lisa's name. We will be more concerned about this. Hope to have all of your supports to OLENS X BLACKPINK. Thank you for your kind understanding. O-Lens . . #오렌즈 #블랙핑크 #아이스타일링 #OLENS #BLACKPINK #제니 #지수 #로제 #리사 #오렌즈뮤즈 #NEWMUSE #블핑렌즈 #스페니쉬 #시크리스코랄3콘 #제니렌즈 #지수렌즈 #로제렌즈 #리사렌즈

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BLACKPINK is revealed to be the new endorser of O-LENS Premium Contact Lens along with a CF teaser video (6 seconds) back on July 7th.

O-LENS has previously hinted on their SNS accounts about their new muses mentioning “Billboard_KpopGirlGroup_HighestRecord” & “MV_100MViews_Achieved” which led many to think it could be BLACKPINK! And they weren’t wrong!

(Full & official) commercial video is also revealed to be released on the 9th.

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