[NEWS] 180714 BLACKPINK Tops July 2018 Girl Groups Brand Reputation Rankings

The Korean Business Research Institute revealed their July 2018 brand reputation rankings for girl groups. Their findings are based on 117,446,363 pieces of data collected from June 12 to July 13 of 2018.

The data measures various indexes including participation (brands the celebrity has participated in or product consumption), media (media marketing worth), communication (ability to communicate with public) , and community (community’s perception of them/social marketing worth) to determine their brand reputation.

180714 july 2018 brand index reputation gg graph

BLACKPINK comes in first place with a combined brand reputation score of 16,516,419. Taking a closer look at the analysis, BLACKPINK has 2,289,084 points on the Participation Index category while getting 5,813,088 points for Media Index. For the Communication Index category the group got 4,753,442 points and 3,660,805 points for Community Perception Index. The girls were leading in all categories.

180714 july 2018 brand index reputation gg list

From May 2018 until July 2018, BLACKPINK has consistently ranked within top 5 of the list.

180714 may june july 2018 brand index reputation gg list

Source: rekorea.net