[YG-LIFE] 180715 Haha from ‘Running Man’ Falls for BLACKPINK JENNIE, “A Perfectly Sophisticated Girl”


On the SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ aired on the 15th, members and guests performed a couple race as a summer special episode. The guests included Hwang Chiyeul, Han Eunjung, Pyo Yejin, BLACKPINK JENNIE, and JISOO.

180715 running man haha

During the couple selection corner, Haha wondered who the guests were and asked, “I didn’t read the articles. Who are the guests”. On the news that members of BLACKPINK are making appearance, Haha excitedly stated, “Really? She’s really sophisticated”.

Childhood pictures of female guests were revealed at each door before the couple selection, and members focused on figuring out who they are.

Haha chose number 6, wanting to become partners with JENNIE. However, Lee Kwangsoo and JENNIE became a couple, making Haha frustrated.

Although Haha was frustrated that he couldn’t partner up with JENNIE, he was overwhelmed when he met her and stated, “She’s really sophisticated. I feel like I’m in New York”.

Source: YG-Life

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