[YG-LIFE] 180715 JENNIE in ‘Running Man’ Becomes ‘Pretty Losing Hand’ as She Picks a Bomb, Receives Final Penalty with Lee Kwangsoo

BLACKPINK JENNIE became the new ‘losing hand’ in ‘Running Man’. She selected the bomb until the end, and eventually received the final penalty along with Lee Kwangsoo.

On SBS ‘Running Man’ aired on the 15th, a summer special couple race, ‘Capture My Heart’ took place. The guests for the episode were Hwang Chiyeul, BLACKPINK JENNIE, JISOO, actress Yoon Bora, Pyo Yejin, and Han Eunjung.

180715 running man 4

Along with the legend idol guest appearances, the couple race began after the partner selection. Jeon Somin, Song Jihyo, and other female guests hid behind 7 different curtains. Haha and Hwang Chiyeul selected no. 6 and no. 7 respectively, as their partner candidates during the race. The 7 curtains had childhood photos of each guest attached.

After the battle of wits, the partner selection ended. Ji Sukjin and Yoon Bora, Lee Kwangsoo and Jennie, Yang Sechan and Pyo Yejin, Yoo Jaesuk and Han Eunjung, Kim Jongkook and JISOO, Haha and Jeon Somin, and Hwang Chiyeul and Song Jihyo became partners.

It was the second time BLACKPINK JENNIE and JISOO were making appearance on ‘Running Man’, after making their guest appearance in the program for the first time as a guest for a variety program broadcasting from a terrestrial network. JENNIE and JISOO sent a visual letter to YANG HYUN SUK, asking him for permission on participating in more activities. JENNIE and JISOO stated, “Let us make comeback twice a year” and continued, “We have to do that now”.

“Capture My Heart’ was a race going after 14 bags, which 2 of them contains bombs and 2 of them containing hearts. The winning couple for each round could exchange bags, and the couple with 2 bomb-bags in the end would receive the penalty, while the couple with 2 heart-bags would win prizes including ginseng and couple rings. The first owner of the heart bag was Yoo Jaesuk, while the first owner of the bomb bag was Lee Kwangsoo.

The first game was called ‘Talent Is Mine’. The cast would select two games listed among 7 talents listed by the guests, and the winning couple would receive an opportunity to exchange bags. The first game was to perform a custom dance, which was a game submitted by JENNIE. JENNIE had to dance according to a selected concept regardless of music, but gave up during the power concept.

180715 running man 3

Jeon Somin challenged after JENNIE. She went through sexy and power themes, and eventually challenged the bizarre theme. She stuck spoons into her body as a human magnet dance, and received JENNIE’s approval. Hwang Chiyeul, who is known as a great dancer in Gumi also passed the event with his fantastic dance skills.

Han Eunjung also displayed her silly charms. She started with a dance without basics but threw her clothes off during the power concept, putting the people in shock. Her passionate dance made everyone in the scene burst into laughter. Bora also displayed her great dance skills, as she is a member of the group Sistar.

The second game was ‘Aegyo Acrostic Poem’, submitted by Pyo Yejin. She made a poem with her name, but did not receive approval. JENNIE was placed at no. 1 by making an acrostic poem with the name Lee Kwangsoo. Han Eunjung challenged using the name Kim Jongkook, and later justified herself that she didn’t feel it. Yoon Bora also made a bold attempt with King Jongkook’s name. Yoon Bora burst into laughter, pressing Kim Jongkook’s chest. In the end, JENNIE won the challenge.

After topping the custom dance challenge, Yoon Bora took the heart card from Yoo Jaesuk. JENNIE and Lee Kwangsoo sent the bomb card to JISOO, and received an empty card.

The second bag exchange mission was called ‘Mirror Room vs. Horror Room’, which was a challenge which the two couples pass through empty rooms with water, and the couple with more remaining water would win the challenge. The couple that came out later would deduct half of the remaining water. Among the 7 couples, the couple with the losing hand that challenged the staff team was Kwangsoo and JENNIE.

The winner of the challenge was Jongkook and JISOO, but all the laugh came from JENNIE. Jongkook and JISOO beat Ji Sukjin and Yoonbora, while Haha and Jeon Somin beat Yoo Jaesuk and Han Eunjung. Lee Kwangsoo and JENNIE selected the horror room when challenging the staff team, but JENNIE became scared, so Lee Kwangsoo had to lead the team. Eventually, JENNIE threw away her water cup and started crying. She held Lee Kwangsoo, and stopped him from moving. JENNIE did not stop crying even when she escaped the room. JISOO took Yoon Bora’s heart, and passed on her bomb.

The final race was a mission which the couples find the heart card while on a ride in the amusement park. However, the person with the bomb card could not get on the ride, and had to pass on the card by taking another couple’s name tag.

JENNIE’s bluff continued. JENNIE told Lee Kwangsoo that she can take the ride, but got tired while walking up the stairs. Lee Kwangsoo panicked in front of a scary ride. After taking the ride, Lee Kwangsoo suggested JENNIE that they receive the penalty, since the ride is too scary. However, JENNIE picked the heart card after taking the ride, and went for another.

180715 running man 2

The owners of bomb cards went on hunting for name tags. Yoon Bora and Ji Sukjin took the name tags of Song Jihyo and Hwang Chiyeul. Song Jihyo and Hwang Chiyeul tricked Yoon Bora and Ji Sukjin. Yang Sechan took Yoon Bora’s name tag but selected Yoon Bora, exchanging bombs. Yoon Bora and Ji Sukjin eventually took Lee Kwangsoo and JENNIE’s name tags, earning the heart.

Han Eunjung could not hide her fears in front of the ride. Yoo Jaesuk persuaded Han Eunjung, but Han Eunjung simply pretended to take the ride, and gave up. Eventually, Yoo Jaesuk took Han Eunjung and took the ride again.

Haha and Jeon Somin won the challenge. They picked the heart in the beginning, and earned another heart after taking two rides. Other couples also picked up hearts after taking rides. Yoon Bora and Ji Sukjin who had a bomb in the beginning finished second, while Jongkook and JISOO finished third. Haha and Jeon Somin won gold couple rings, Yoon Bora and Ji Sukjin won a Korean beef set, while Kim Jongkook and JISOO received a red ginseng set.

JENNIE performed fabulously in taking out name tags. She took out Pyo Yejin and Yang Sechan’s name tags after a fierce battle, but ended up where she started by exchanging bombs again. The two teams with the bomb then went through a death match.

JENNIE became the new ‘pretty losing hand’. Lee Kwangsoo received the final penalty in the end.

Source: YG-Life


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