[YG-LIFE] 180716 ‘Running Man’, An Entrance to Become a Fan of JENNIE, Her Cuteness is Not from This World

BLACKPINK’s JENNIE became the new losing hand and scaredy-cat, capturing the viewers of ‘Running Man’.

On SBS ‘Good Sunday-Running Man’ aired on the 15th, JENNIE performed a custom dance.

Unlike her charismatic image she displays on stage, she revealed her cute and sloppy charms. Her bright and innocent charms captured the hearts of not only members from ‘Running Man’, but also the viewers.

180716 running man 1

JENNIE selected the bag herself after becoming partners with Lee Kwangsoo. However, the bag had a bomb, making Lee Kwangsoo grumble while stating, “I picked another one, and you gave me this bag”. JENNIE explained, “We’ll have another opportunity to change it. Isn’t it our advantage to have the bomb in the beginning” and Lee Kwangsoo replied, “What are you talking about”, making the viewers laugh.

The first mission to exchange bags was a clash of talents. JENNIE displayed extreme aegyo during the ‘Aegyo Acrostic Poem’ challenge, and took the no. 1 spot. On the following challenge, JENNIE chose the horror room and stated, “I’ll go first to win”, leading the team while telling her partner that she’s not afraid.

But that did not last long. JENNIE was surprised as soon as she went inside and shed tears, making the people laugh. JENNIE was too scared that Lee Kwangsoo, known as the official coward of ‘Running Man’, had to soothe JENNIE. JENNIE stated, “They said they won’t surprise us”, while shedding tears.

After bringing JENNIE outside, Lee Kwangsoo admitted, “She’s the most scaredy-cat I’ve seen in my life”. He continued, “She started wailing as soon as she got in. She speaks in familiar form to me now” and imitated JENNIE scared inside the horror room, making the people burst into laughter.

180716 running man 2

JENNIE’s losing hand continued during the final race. When the members stated, “JENNIE is also a losing hand”, JENNIE put the blame and Lee Kwangsoo by replying, “His soul is affecting me”. JENNIE took the name tags of Yang Sechan and Pyo Yejin, but took another bomb. With the death match ahead, JENNIE told Lee Kwangsoo that “I’m sure we won’t receive the last penalty”, but lost the rock-paper-scissors game.

The final selection result was also a bomb. The members invited her to the losing hand club while stating, “JENNIE herself is a losing hand”.

Source: YG-Life

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