[NEWS] 180717 BLACKPINK Shares The Little Things That Make Them Happy

In a recent pictorial and interview for Cosmopolitan Korea, BLACKPINK talked about the small things in life that never fail to bring them joy.

cosmopolitan aug2108 jennie

Each of the BLACKPINK members graced her own individual cover of the magazine’s August issue, showcasing the four idols’ unique charms and styles. Jennie contrasted a daring black bustier with classic pearl jewelry, while Jisoo tapped into her inner goddess in a vibrant blue dress. Lisa rocked a diverse mix of textures and fabrics for an unpredictable yet elegant look, and Rosé added a modern edge to her romantically old-fashioned velvet dress with a pair of striking cutout boots.

cosmopolitan aug2108 jisoo

After the photo shoot, BLACKPINK sat down to talk about their recent success on the charts with their latest hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” The members reported being surprised and thrilled by the public’s reaction, explaining, “It was our first comeback in a year, and we felt even more honored [by the song’s success] because we weren’t thinking about chart rankings while preparing. We worried a lot because our concept this time was fiercer than before, so we were really happy that people liked it.”

They added, “It also gave us the courage to think, ‘Let’s try something new next time as well.’”

cosmopolitan aug2108 rosé

BLACKPINK went on to reveal the little things that make them happy on a day-to-day basis. Lisa replied, “Talking with my mom on the phone everyday! Seeing me work hard makes her happy, and seeing that gives me strength.”

Rosé shared, “I search for music I like or interviews by artists I like on YouTube. I think watching those videos has a healing effect.”

cosmopolitan aug2108 lisa

Jisoo revealed that she enjoys reading in her spare time. “I feel a small joy when I read books,” she said. “Right now, I’m reading ‘Trapeze’ by Hideo Okuda.”

Finally, Jennie reported, “My favorite thing to do is spend time with my dogs at the dorm.”


Source: Soompi

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