[NEWS] 180801 An Anecdote of BLACKPINK Rosé In Australia As Told By A Childhood Friend

On Nate Pann, a popular Korean community portal, Rosé’s childhood friend from Australia posted how Rosé nice and kind even back then.

She wrote, “I’m an ordinary woman in my early 20’s who went to Australia when I was 7 years old. I graduated from high school then came to Korea to take some time off from university. Hahaha.

BLACKPINK has been very popular nowadays and even created a craze in Australia as well. Haha.

Chaeyoung and I went to church together in Australia when we were in elementary up until middle school and we were quite close. Hahahahaha. I also knew her parents especially her father who was an extremely cheerful person. Hahaha. And her mom was really slim. Haha.

Chaeyoung had been a part of the worship team and dance team ever since elementary school. She has a kind personality and she was popular to both men and women. And her relationship with her friends was really great. From what I know, she went to a middle school for girls and went to a Korean church.

She said she’s going to be a trainee then went to Korea and we’ve lost contact ever since. I’m hoping for things to get even better.

I’ve always wanted to tell her how nice and kind she is but I ended up posting it here.

If you’re reading this, I’m doing well even if we don’t get to keep in touch, Chaeyoung!!!

Love you and miss U Rosie❤️”

180801 rose childhood nate pann 3


Source: Nate Pann via @BlueSky_bp
Translation by @meloncreme of YGDreamers

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