180804 BLACKPINK – ‘Forever Young’ (Goodbye Stage) on MBC Music Core

Concluding their promotions for their first mini album, ‘SQUARE UP’, BLACKPINK performs ‘Forever Young’ for the last time on MBC Music Core. Also, watch MBC’s fancam version of the performance + read the fanaccounts of BLINKs below~

‘Forever Young’ Live Stage

You can also watch the performance on Naver TV


Source: MBC Entertain

Official 4K + Member Focused Fancams

Here are some translated fan accounts from BLINKs who got to see the girls perform before the TV broadcast.

Jen – a red two-piece outfit
Chu – a sky blue dress (not the very light one)
Li – a blue top and shorts
Chaeng – a yellow pine(?)-top two-piece outfit

“Jisoo seems to be in such a good mood today. At the beginning, she kept smiling while lying down on the floor.”

“Chaeng had a few strands of her bangs to one side and her hair is tied in a ponytail. So damn pretty.”

“Lalisa saluted a lot today, it was so cute I died. And she suddenly danced As If It’s Your Last.”

“BLINKs screamed when Lisa came out and said ‘충성!'”

*충성! is what the military soldiers say when saluting.

“Lalisa’s nose looked red I thought she cried. But her nose seemed like it was just sunburned.”

“The girls looked so comfortable during the opening position, they looked like they were sleeping.”

“It’s been said that Jennie’s ankle is fine but still, I can’t help but worry.”

“Jisoo looked like a damn beautiful flight attendant boss.”

“Why on earth did they dress Jennie in a pineapple outfit?”

*I think she meant Rosie~

I can’t find any other Jennie comments. But I saw k-blinks spazzing on how great the girls look today so I guess everything is fine seeing how hyped they are. Maybe they were just too excited to see Lisa again that’s why most of their tweets are about her.

Translation by @meloncreme of YGDreamers

– At the end of the rehearsal, Jisoo gave a finger heart ♡
– Jisoo: Slightly wavy hair + Hair band + one piece dress
– Jisoo is very hyped today
– Jisoo’s in a really good mood today, even from the start where they were laying down, she kept laughing

Translation by @poopheyy

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