BLACK2thePINK: A Trip Down Memory Lane To 2 Years With BLACKPINK

I. BLACKPINK’s Many Firsts

by Jaybee (@jaybee238)

BLACK2thePINK_many firsts

In BLACKPINK’s 2 years in the music industry, they are still considered a rookie and thus has experienced a few things for the first time. Particularly, in the recent comeback, they’ve blessed us with new things which excited BLINKs~

Just before returning into the music scene, they introduced the official lightstick which wass personally designed by BLACKPINK themselves and it even has a nickname, ‘Bbyong Bong’ (bbyong = sound of squishy toy hammer + bong = lightstick), thanks to our Chichu.

180525 blackpinkofficial 1 bplightstick_1

For the first time since debut, they finally were able to release their first mini album, ‘SQUARE UP’, packed with 4 exciting and fun tracks, each with their own charm and genre. Because of this, BLACKPINK got to also have their first album fansign event! I personally was looking forward to events like this because we get to see BLACKPINK x BLINKs interactions, the ultimate OTP! I hope someday I get to experience this too…


Another great news which thrilled fans most especially K-BLINKs is the 1st official BLINK recruitment! This might not be applicable to me but I am so happy for our lovely K-BLINKs. Joining this paid membership is such a privilege because you get to see exclusive content, receive members-only merchandise, interact online with the members themselves, and more. Will be waiting for the day when the membership is available worldwide.


In Japan, BLACKPINK has already kicked off their first arena tour in Osaka last July 24th and 25th. The girls went all out performing their hits as well wowed the crowd with their solo stages. They are also set to perform next in Fukuoka and Chiba. The tour will have its last stop on a bigger-scale stage, the Kyocera Dome, with a maximum seating capacity of 55,000, another first. Can we expect this to extend in Korea, or might as well a world tour? Wishful thinking…


III. University/Music Festivals + TV/Radio Shows Appearances

IV. Individual Activities + Personal IG

V. New Endorsements + Magazine Photoshoots/Interviews

VI. Japanese Debut, Promotions and Events

VII. Domestic Achievements

VIII. International Milestones

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