BLACK2thePINK: A Trip Down Memory Lane To 2 Years With BLACKPINK


by Jaybee (@jaybee238)


This can also be categorized as one of BLACKPINK’s many firsts but its special on its own since it’s the girls’ first exclusive reality program. It’s a total treat to BLINKs as we get to know more of each member’s hobbies, likes and new discoveries. We get to see the maknae line trying out archery while the unnie line make their own accessories. Rosé shown us her love for music and went to an LP shop. Lisa made us laugh with her ‘losing hand’ at games and sports. Jennie led the macaroon baking to be given away to neighbors and Jisoo taught Dalgom some tricks! We were also all brought to many places, one being Lisa’s hometown itself, Thailand!

Each episode was filled with BLACKPINK enjoying their youth and be themselves just like other girls. The program was so relatable, light and if I can say healing or relaxing in a way. To prove its popularity, it even gathered more than 100 million accumulated views in VLIVE and YouTube. With this record, an additional episode is supposed to be released, however, for unknown reasons, it hasn’t happened yet. Will we get to see that promised episode this year, soon or anytime at all?

Watch the reality program with English subtitles [HERE].

I. BLACKPINK’s Many Firsts

III. University/Music Festivals + TV/Radio Shows Appearances

IV. Individual Activities + Personal IG

V. New Endorsements + Magazine Photoshoots/Interviews

VI. Japanese Debut, Promotions and Events

VII. Domestic Achievements

VIII. International Milestones