BLACK2thePINK: A Trip Down Memory Lane To 2 Years With BLACKPINK

III. University/Music Festivals + TV/Radio Shows Appearances

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by Rin (@whiylstaybp)

University & music festivals are just two of the ways to experience a performance from your favorite artist. BLACKPINK has been receiving lots of love calls to attend these festivals, their appearance in university and music festivals started in ‘As If It’s Your Last’ era. YG did a smart decision in giving them the permission to attend these festivals. The fact that this can boost their experience and adapt to their field, this could also be a foundation to building a strong fanbase. BLACKPINK performing in front of the public, aware that it will be with non-fans most of the time, they give out their best to satisfy their audience. I have never watched BLACKPINK performing without leaving a smile on my face. I love how they interact with the public, they gave so much fan service just to give us a memorable experience, BLACKPINK did ad-libs, acrostic poems and performed encore to entertain us. In the past year you can see how much they have improved, in their present performances you can feel how much comfortable and free they are on-stage, it makes me happy that the time and effort they spent on their practice room and the things they learned throughout the years have been put to use. Of course, how can we miss out the fancams, it’s just one of a BLINK’s treasure since it can be blackpink’s interaction backstage, it can be a reaction video, and even without there live you can get to experience their performance just by watching it on-screen.

Watch their 2018 University Festival Stage HERE.

On the other hand, we have radio appearances, although we want them more in variety shows I think this is also a great strategy for their promotions, this have also started during their AIIYL era. Radio can reach different areas of Korea, with the help of technology, citizens can also stream radios online. Their ‘SQUARE UP’ promotions schedule was booked with radio guestings, variety shows and music shows. When they visit radio stations we heard their stories, we heard how wise and creative they think and deliver their message. They showed how capable they are in every challenge and we heard how they sang their music with passion.

To add on, our collaboration food project on SBS Power FM Choi Hwajung’s Powertime radio show with BLACKPINK_INTLJENNIERATIONS & LISARAMBO was successfully delivered~

More info about our support projects for ‘SQUARE UP’ HERE.

Browse their radio appearances HERE.

Variety Shows:


Date Channel Title Episode Member/s PREVIEW PHOTOS VIDEOS
11.16.2016 MBC Every1 Weekly Idol EP277 All LINK LINK LINK
12.18.2016 SBS Running Man EP330 All LINK LINK LINK


Date Channel Title Episode Member/s PHOTOS & VIDEOS
01.11.2017 MBC Radio Star EP509 Jisoo & Rosé PHOTOS | VIDEOS
02.12.2017 SBS Kpop Star 6 EP13 All LINK
02.26.2017 OnStyle Get it Beauty 2017 EP02 All LINK
03.19.2017 MBC King of Masked Singer EP103 Rosé LINK
03.26.2017 MBC King of Masked Singer EP104 Rosé LINK
05.20.2017 MBC My Little Television EP98 All LINK
05.27.2017 MBC My Little Television EP99 All LINK
06.25.2017 MBC Section TV EP884 All LINK
06.27.2017 SBS Night of Real Entertainment EP26 All LINK
07.05.2017 MBC Every1 Weekly Idol EP310 All LINK
07.09.2017 SBS Fantastic Duo 2 EP15 Jisoo & Lisa LINK
07.13.2017 SBS Style Follow EP12 All (Featured) LINK
07.14.2017 OnStyle AttractionTV EP56 Lisa (w/ BLACKPINK) LINK
07.16.2017 SBS Fantastic Duo 2 EP16 Jisoo & Lisa LINK
07.20.2017 SBS Style Follow EP13 All LINK
07.21.2017 OnStyle AttractionTV EP57 Lisa LINK
07.23.2017 MBC King of Masked Singer EP121 Jisoo LINK
07.28.2017 OnStyle AttractionTV EP58 Lisa (w/ Jisoo) LINK
07.30.2017 MBC King of Masked Singer EP122 Jisoo LINK
08.05.2017 JTBC Knowing Bros EP87 All LINK
08.06.2017 SBS Fantastic Duo 2 EP19 Rosé LINK
08.13.2017 SBS JYP’s Party People EP04 All LINK
08.13.2017 SBS Fantastic Duo 2 EP20 Rosé LINK
08.16.2017 OnStyle Get it Beauty 2017 EP23 Lisa LINK
08.23.2017 tvN Wednesday Food Talk EP132 Jisoo LINK
11.19.2017 JTBC MIXNINE EP04 Jennie LINK
12.27.2017 OnStyle Get It Beauty EP42 Jisoo LINK


Date Channel Title Episode Member/s PHOTOS & VIDEOS
01.03.2018 OnStyle Get It Beauty 2017 EP439 Jisoo LINK
06.23.2018 JTBC Idol Room EP07 All LINK
06.26.2018 SBS Night of Real Entertainment EP71 All LINK
07.14.2018 MBC Unexpected Q EP11 Jisoo LINK
07.15.2018 SBS Running Man EP409 Jisoo & Jennie LINK
07.22.2018 SBS My Ugly Duckling EP97 All LINK

I. BLACKPINK’s Many Firsts


IV. Individual Activities + Personal IG

V. New Endorsements + Magazine Photoshoots/Interviews

VI. Japanese Debut, Promotions and Events

VII. Domestic Achievements

VIII. International Milestones

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