BLACK2thePINK: A Trip Down Memory Lane To 2 Years With BLACKPINK

IV. Individual Activities + Personal IGs

BLACK2thePINK_individual activities igs

by Anj/Hyo (@meloncreme)

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback and together with that, the members created their personal Instagram accounts. Because of their immense popularity, each of the members managed to get millions of followers in just a matter of days which is really quite impressive. Some of the photos the girls posted on their accounts are behind-the-scene photos from events they went to such as the recently held Sprite Water Bomb Festival, magazine photoshoots and music video filming. I personally think it was a good move for them to create their own Instagram accounts. It gives the fans an opportunity to see what goes on behind the camera and leave messages on the comments section while the girls get to share bits and pieces of their lives behind the camera, bringing the girls and the fans closer.

by Clarise (@mayooola_c)

Remember the last episode of ‘Running Man’ where Jennie and Jisoo are the guests? It was a huge hit in Korea that Jennie’s name was trending number 1 in Naver and other Korea media portal for almost 24 hours. She just made the netizens fall for her unexpected charm. Who would have thought that our main rapper, Jennie, will actually turn into a cute scaredy cat. I didn’t expect that she will cry in the horror house because I thought she’s braver than the marines (actually because she insisted to go first). Kwangsoo and Jennie really became the unlucky couple, could be because of Kwangsoo or she just lost her luck (poor Jendeukie). But thanks to this episode, it showed that Jennie who people thought to be a cold snobby girl is actually a warm and the cutest human being in this universe. I guessed that Korea is still captivated by her charms that’s why they invited her again to be one of the guests on Running Man. Who knows maybe next time she’ll be a permanent member? I hope so because I think she’s now a member of the unlucky team. Jennie coming out in her comfort zone from being the Chanel muse to a new variety queen/princess.

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Actually when BLACKPINK debuted, I thought Jisoo has a calm and personality but guess what I’m wrong. Who would have thought that this girl will actually have a quality of being a newborn variety queen/princess? I mean who forgot their first variety appearance, ‘Weekly Idol’, she really showed that she is a funny and her mind is out of the world. Remember her iconic line? Yep, you’re right the chikin-chikin. Before the nyeongan era, there was a chikin-chikin. Her unique personality just really amazed me especially when she contacted the PD of ‘Unexpected Q’ to guest on their show. Like, what kind of person/idol will actually personally call just to guest on their show? Only Jisoo guys, our smiley queen. Actually her appearance on this show really showed her other charm (intellectual charm). Remember the members of the show that were captivated by her beauty and mind. It was really funny especially the Seungkwan (member if Seventeen) part where she didn’t want to change the group members because she wants to be with Seungkwan. Then suddenly, there’s a lovey-dovey background music and she immediately cut it down as she explained that she want to easily win. She actually became the MVP and won the Korean beef set that she didn’t want the others hold. She needs to feed her three kids so she can’t let anyone touch it. Jisoo is the dorky, mood maker of BLACKPINK and ace of variety shows.

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When BLINKs prayed for Lisa’s guesting on a dancing survival show or any variety shows but then we didn’t expect what will come. Yep, her appearance in the new season of Real Men. Like, who would have thought that we will actually send our maknae to military? I mean we were not ready for this. At first, I was actually hesitant to accept that she will join on this kind of show. I already watched some episodes of it before and celebrities actually are prone to danger and so many hardships. But in the end, I realize that she’s not an ordinary maknae. Remember she’s the strongest in the group. Besides, Lisa will not accept this offer if she can’t do it. In the end, she just needs our whole support. I guessed she has the personality to join on this show that’s why they chose her to be one of the members in the new season. Lisa is one of the happy pill in BLACKPINK, I know she will easily be loved by the other members on that show. I mean she’s one of a kind. She’s not our main dancer but she’s also our precious maknae. I hope that after her appearance with this show, she will be invited again on other shows especially on a dancing survival show so that she could show her full potential in her specialty which is dancing. Lisa loves dancing, she’s born with it not the other way around.

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Rose has already shown her charms and her special voice on past guesting shows. She made the whole Korea nation shookt by showing her singing ability. She actually has the power to captivate the ears and eyes of the viewers. With just one appearance, she immediately trends number 1 on different portals. That’s our main vocalist power, I hope YG knows that she has this talented and soft girl who other famous singers wants to collaborate with. Besides being our main vocalist, she’s also the big eater of the BLACKPINK. Remember the episodes of BLACKPINK House like she really enjoyed eating. I mean she becomes a cute happy pill chipmunk when she’s eating. Who would have thought that the girl who has a tiny/small waistline also has a huge appetite! I guessed this is one of  the reasons why she’s invited to be the guest on ‘Wednesday Food Talk’. I mean she really wants to join eating shows as stated on their past interviews. Her wish really came true. I actually waited for this special moment because the other members already have their solo appearances. It means that our prayers worked, OT4 for the win. I hope her appearance on this show will become a way for her to have more future eating shows guestings. She’s not just one of the best vocalists of this generation but Rose/Chaeyoung is one of a kind of Chipmunk Happy Pill Eater.

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Maybe not all of us has an Instagram account, I mean it’s not required to have one. But when you have a group that you really love and support, having an account is a must so that you will be updated on a daily basis. Who would have thought that BLACKPINK members will have their own individual account? I mean you know YG, it took years before its artists can make their own account. I guessed because of the long drought, it came as a gift for us. It’s so sweet that their first Instagram posts are their OT4 picture. Have they talked about this or they just want to show that even though they have their own accounts they are still one. How sweet they are, right? Now, let me introduce you to the different kinds of Instagram user, BLACKPINK Edition.

First, YWNED user, it means ‘you will never experience drought’ user. Do you know who is it? Yup, you’re right it’s Jennie or jennierubyjane. She actually became the fastest girl K-pop idol to get 1 million followers. I think because of that she doesn’t want her followers to get tired waiting for her update. That’s why if she updates or posts pictures, she makes sure that the BLINKs will have the glimpse of the heaven, not only one but plenty photos for us. This YWNED user sometimes become a DPFF user, meaning ‘delete photos for feed’. I mean she could delete all she wants but we have already saved them. That’s how fast we are and her photos could be put in an art museum because she is an art and a masterpiece.

Next is an OIABM user, the ‘once in a blue moon’ user. Yep, I mean she is really consistent for being like this even in their group account she barely posts. I know you know who I am talking about. Uri maknae, Lisa or lalalalisa_m. She really wants us to wait for her update, like she doesn’t have any specific day for her Instagram posts. We will actually surprise if she posted something like hey maknae thank you for this masterpiece cause we are all waiting for years. But, I think waiting is worth it. She really posts great photos of her. I think she’s the official photographer of BLACKPINK that’s why she barely posts. If you know Lisa, this is a normal thing to do and that is to wait. I hope she doesn’t forget her password because that would be really difficult.

Moving on to another kind of IG user, the TAQ user, it stands for the ‘aesthetic queen’ user. That’s right it’s Rosé/Chaeyoung or roses_are_rosie. When this girl posts something, it looks like we’re in a kind of peaceful place or should I say garden. Like she’s the prettiest flower among the rest. She doesn’t just post her own photos but she’s also sharing other kinds of art. I mean she’s an artist herself so I think that’s normal. I hope someday she could posts some covers because that could be really great. I think because of Rosé I’ve downloaded some camera apps with amazing filter but you know I don’t have her face. No matter how I capture myself it will never turned into an art. Rosé is special and can’t be replace and duplicate.

Last but not the least, OS user, the ‘one-shot’ user. She’s the only remaining member that I haven’t mentioned. Yep, our fake maknae, the mother of the group, the clown and etc- Jisoo or sooyaaa_. Why she’s the ‘one shot’ user? Because when she posts, she will make ten into one. You know she really uses the Instagram to the fullest. She is actually having a photo album on her Instagram. But you know what, if you really have that kind of angelic face, you will not have any wasted photo. In any camera angle, she still looks like an angel. But sometimes this OS user becomes a LSA user. It stands for ‘Lisa’s second account’ user. We could actually thank her for being an active user to update us about Lisa. Now we know, that Lisa is actually alive. Thank you Jisoo-nim.

And that’s the different kinds of Instagram users (BLACKPINK Edition) that you can
encounter. Now, you will have an idea about them. For those who still don’t follow their
official Instagram, this is your right time. It will be best if you follow all of the Blackpink
members because each member shows their different personality on their account. And
lastly, BLACKPINK will never be BLACKPINK if one of them is gone.

Browse their IG posts
jennierubyjane | 
sooyaaa__  | lalalalisa_m  | roses_are_rosie

Follow them on IG
@jennierubyjane | 
@sooyaaa__  | @lalalalisa_m  | @roses_are_rosie

I. BLACKPINK’s Many Firsts


III. University/Music Festivals + TV/Radio Shows Appearances

V. New Endorsements + Magazine Photoshoots/Interviews

VI. Japanese Debut, Promotions and Events

VII. Domestic Achievements

VIII. International Milestones

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