[TRANS] 180808 BLACKPINK’s Letters To BLINKs For 2nd Anniversary

First off, we’d like to say that we are aware that the content posted here came from a paid subscription of BLACKPINK’s VLIVE CH+ and/or the paid membership of the official BLINK Zone but allow us this one time to share here the members’ messages to BLINKs on their 2nd anniversary. We believe their letters should be read by all the fans who have supported them then and now.


180808 blackpink+ jisoo msg for 2nd anniversary


It’s been 2 years already… ❤️

Having been together with BLINKs, I realized time seemed to have passed by quickly.

Sometimes when we’re tired and exhausted, BLINKs have no idea how much strength we get from hearing the sound of your cheers when we talk to you guys~

I want to become a person who makes BLINKs feel the same emotions that they make me feel. ^_^*

It would be nice if we could be together in many different places in the future as well. It can be done, right?

Happy 2nd anniversary, BLINKs❕

Let’s stay by each other’s side❕Haha

From the bottom of my heart, I always love you guys a lot.



180808 blackpink+ jennie msg for 2nd anniversary


We feel sorry for making you wait for one long year and we’re thankful for listening to our songs whenever you’re happy or sad, for always greeting us with a smile, for coming to see us even when it’s hot or cold outside and for being with us from the start. Our 1st year anniversary has passed and now it’s our 2nd year anniversary. As we keep and cherish more memories, let’s unfold those memories together one by one and talk about them later after a long time has passed. 🙂

We will try to become an even more amazing BLACKPINK who BLINKs can be proud of. ❤️

Let’s meet again soon.

We love you, BLINKs.



180808 blackpink+ rose msg for 2nd anniversary

2 years

Oh yeah~❤️Everyone❤️BLINKs~❤️Our BLINKs!❤️Kyaa!

Finally, it’s our 2nd year anniversary!! ㅜ.ㅜ Time really is fast~ BLINKs, thank you so much for staying by our side all this time.❤️

There’s been several times when I get surprised because of the love you give us~

Do you really love us that much~! ㅜ.ㅜ

I will try to be the Rosé who will repay BLINKs with as much love as you give us…❤️

You know I always love you all so much, right?

We’ll grow closer and make more warm and fun memories together in the future.❤️Hehe❤️

We love you, BLINKs!

❤️Lots of love,


180808 blackpink+ lisa msg for 2nd anniversary


Thank you for being with us for 2 years~

We were really happy to have been able to see you guys more often in this recent promotions.

Thank you so much for always giving us strength and for always supporting us.❤️

There’s so many things I would like to say to BLINKs but no words come out when I’m writing ><!

Please continue to support us warmly and being our strength!!

And I will repay you by working even harder!!

I love you~❤️

BLINKs are the best!!❤️


Translation by @meloncreme of YGDreamers

One reply on “[TRANS] 180808 BLACKPINK’s Letters To BLINKs For 2nd Anniversary”

I always thankful to be a BLACKPINK fan.. Because you always give me reason to smile everyday to have a good time listening to your song…

We as a BLINK are always be there supporting all of you and always cheer up your everyday ❤️❤️❤️



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