[MAGAZINE] Rosé & Lisa for Dazed Korea Special Fall 2018 Edition

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Even when it’s extremely hot, you guys still cling onto each other’s side.
It’s because we’re friends. Hahaha
Lisa: By the way, your Hawaiian shirt is really pretty. It’s definitely my kind of style.
Rosé: Right. That shirt is definitely Lisa’s style.

It’s a Kenyan vintage item I bought from Tokyo.
Ah, really? It’s really pretty. Definitely. By any chance, you didn’t wash it before wearing it, did you? (laughs)

I washed it. (laughs) You did a photoshoot wearing autumn clothes. How was it? I saw you were monitoring yourselves intently, does your face in the photos still leave you in awe?
Rosé and Lisa:
Of course. It’s really fun! (the two laughed often as if they’ll fall over while leaning against each other)


How do you like your names Rosé and Lisa? Rosé is a flower and Lisa is a nickname for ‘Elizabeth’.
Oh really? I didn’t know that. My name is actually ‘Lalisa’. When I came to Korea, everyone naturally called me ‘Lisa, Lisa.’ The ‘La’ ended up becoming my last name. (laughs) And that’s how I became Lisa.
Rosé: I was born in Australia and it’s the name my parents came up with. It’s actually ‘Roseanne’ and I also have my Korean name which is “Chaeyoung”. I lived as ‘Roseanne’ in Australia and my friends called me ‘Rosie’. Before we had our debut, the CEO said that it would be nice to use the name Rosé so I became Rosé. (laughs)

You can’t choose your names for yourselves, can you? But it really suits you well. Rosé looks like a Rosé and Lisa looks like a Lisa.
That’s true. Lisa really looks like a Lisa. When I think of Lisa, the color yellow crosses my mind. And when I think of the color yellow, Lisa enters my mind. That’s how it really is.
Lisa: The name Rosé isn’t really a common name. It sometimes makes me think of wine. But that’s just me. Rosé’s voice is like champagne. You get what I’m trying to say, right? A husky and sexy voice is exactly just like a champagne.

It is said that one lives according to their name. Does Rosé like flowers?
How did you know? I’ve been really into flowers nowadays. When I see flowers along the road, it make me feel good and I have to take a photo of it to satisfy me. (laugh)

What specific flower do you like?
I can’t choose one. I just really like flowers. I also like clothes with floral design. I even find the flower ornaments in the toilet pretty and adorable.

Lisa, you’ve been into photos lately, right?
How did you know?

I overheard about it earlier. I heard you’re into Contax film cameras, am I right?
That’s right. I’ve suddenly been into photography lately. I mainly take photos of the members. I also took a lot of photos of Rosé. If I get a chance later on, I would like to formally learn about photography.

What do you think about the weather nowadays? They say the heat is record-breaking.
It’s really hard but I like summer more than winter that’s why it’s tolerable. The summer in Australia where I grew up is just as tough. (laughs)

It is said that Lisa’s hometown, Thailand, only has days that are ‘hot’ and days that are ‘extremely hot’.
It’s true. (laughs) It’s a place that’s hot all year round. But I think this year’s summer in Korea is worse. I just accept it as it is since there’s nothing I can do about it.


Summer must have a different meaning to Lisa who grew up in a place that’s summer all year round and to Rosé who grew up in a place that has four distinct seasons but a complete opposite from Korea. Could you share about your summer memories?
The place I grew up in is summer all year round but there are times when it’s the most extremely hot. You know Songkran Day, right? I remember having fun while playing in the water during those times.
Rosé: I’ve always waited for summer when I was living in Australia. It’s more beautiful during summer than during winter. There’s also a lot of beaches. I remember going on a roadtrip with my family. We would go on a trip even when it’s more than 40°C. We would ride the car all day and visit beaches that are more beautiful. I suddenly miss those times.

I suddenly feel jealous of Rosé.
Leaving Australia and coming to Korea was a strange thing for me. Seoul is a big and grand place. I really looked forward to it. I still find it amazing that I’m living in Korea. I really didn’t expect it. Like I haven’t woken up from my dream. Really.

What about Lisa? Have you ever expected that you were going to live in Korea?
Not at all. I was actually planning to study in Australia. (laughs) Then I suddenly went to an audition and unexpectedly ended up coming here to Korea and getting this far.

Do you guys wish for it to be summer forever? Or are you waiting for autumn?
Rosé and Lisa:
We’re waiting for autumn because of the clothes!
Lisa: There’s this Mulberry coat I wore during the photoshoot earlier. It was really pretty. I really liked it. I’m looking forward to autumn after wearing that coat.
Rosé: I also like the Mulberry bag. I also like knitwear. Like I have a bit of an obsession for it. (laughs) I lose myself when I see knitwear at clothing stores. I bought a knitted cardigan in advance not too long ago. It really want it to start soon.

When ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ came out, I was somewhere in a very hot part of Asia. I already saw a lot of teens doing dance covers at a park. The YouTube view count has reached more than 200 million. Does that excitement feel real to you?
I find it amazing how it spread that fast.
Rosé: Honestly, I still can’t believe it.


Why were your eyes filled with tears just now?
I have no idea. I got goosebumps when you were telling us about the teens doing a cover of our dance at the park. Because there are people who are from a far-off place who like us and you personally saw that with your own eyes. The sense of responsibility came over me and it was really shocking. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this feeling.
Lisa: We had a really long hiatus. We felt really sorry and thankful. We see how much they love us and it really gives us a lot of strength.

I like ‘Forever Young’ more than ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. It feels definitely like a BLACKPINK’s song but it also feels like it isn’t.
It’s a song that BLACKPINK has had even before debut. The four of us really cherished that song. Ever since a long time ago deep in our hearts, we thought it would be nice to sing that song on stage and it really made us happy when it came out. We were really attached to this song so it’s really a relief that people like it.

In the lyrics, there’s a line that says “Make this moment last forever”. Have you ever intended on doing something like that recently?
Rosé: We’ve recently held a concert.
Lisa: Oh my! I was thinking about the same thing! (laughs)
Rosé: (laughs) People around us had that ‘oh, you’re doing a concert’ feeling. I was really happy to be in a concert hall filled with people who love us and we were performing our side tracks which we’ve never shown before.
Lisa: That’s true. That feeling, the four of us standing on stage together. I really wished for that moment to last forever.

It’s hot, isn’t it? Let me ask a few more questions then let’s go home.
Rosé and Lisa:
Sounds great! Hahaha. (they suddenly lied down and burst into laughter)

BLACKPINK’s fashion, how do you define your style?
A new challenge? We’re trying our best to try out a variety of styles. Some people think that we only wear expensive clothes but we also try to mix it with some vintage items to create a new style.
Rosé: I really like vintage shops. Even though I wear high fashion brand items, I like vintage clothing as well. The four of us have different tastes. We take on new challenges while respecting each other’s preferences. It’s because there are things we can do and clothes we can wear only when we are BLACKPINK. The limitations disappear.

You guys are really cheerful. You look really good.
Rosé and Lisa:
Hahaha. It’s true. We are really like that. But it’s not just the two of us who are enjoying right now, is it?

Including me, that makes three of us. (laughs) There is a white Mulberry tree here. In the Greek mythology, the white Mulberry tree symbolizes ‘wisdom (jihye)’. What do you think is wisdom?
I think wisdom is a difficult word. Everyone wishes to put that word into practice. I’m still in that growing up stage maybe that’s why I don’t know about everything. What wisdom is, what is living life wisely… it’s something that will continue to remain as an open question to me. Isn’t it eventually something like doing our best to live wisely?
Lisa: I didn’t know what ‘jihye’ means so I looked up the English word for it. But I still didn’t know what it is so I looked it up in Thai and it says ‘the ability to judge something wisely’. That’s what it says. This is all I know about ‘wisdom’. At least for now.


That sounded rather fun.
As I was listening to what Rosé was saying, I was able to understand even more what ‘wisdom’ exactly is. I get the sense of it now. But just like what Rosé said, I think there’s no accurate way to explain that word. ‘It’s just a big word.’ That’s what I feel.

What you just said was actually really wise.
Rosé and Lisa:
Hahaha. No, it’s not.

How far would you like to go? As BLACKPINK.
Rosé: Until the very end. We’ve been living as BLACKPINK for about 2 years now but every single day still feels new to me. I’m curious to find out how far we can go and what more we can do. The four of us really love music and our job. We don’t know what the future has in store for us but for now, we’d like to get there together.
Lisa: I have the same thoughts as Rosé. I’d like to live happily everyday with no regrets. We are a really cheerful bunch. Because we are doing what we love.

Either a paradise or a precipice would be there waiting for you at the end.
Rosé and Lisa:
Hahaha. That’s so funny.
Rosé: It doesn’t matter. The four of us would still like to give it a try while doing our best. But there is one more thing I would like to say. Can I? There’s an incident today.

You’re free to say 100 things more.
We wore an English-inspired style today. We were fooling around and saying things with an English accent. It’s as if we have forgotten about the heat.
Lisa: That’s right. We were looking at the monitor and I suddenly got that feeling. Like this place isn’t Korea but a different country. That’s why I had more fun and was more happy. Rosé, you too had fun today, right?
Rosé: Yeah, I really had.

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Interview Scan: @cjakrwlak | @BPKL3
Translation by @meloncreme of YGDreamers

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