[YG-LIFE] 180809 “BLACKPINK Forever”, ROSÉ X LISA’s Noble Beauty for Dazed Korea

UK licensed fashion & culture magazine Dazed and Confused revealed pictorials of BLACKPINK members ROSÉ and LISA through their 2018 autumn special on August 9.

For this pictorial, ROSÉ and LISA who are known to be stylish on stage and in their daily lives transformed into English nobles.

lichaeng dazed korea special fall edition_3

The outfit, shoes, and bags used for the pictorial by ROSÉ and LISA were from Mulberry’s 2018 F/W collection, and were revealed for the first time in Korea for this pictorial.

Mulberry’s creative director Johnny Coca stated, “We interpreted the English style in various aspects” and continued, “Mulberry Women has both a noble’s dignity and rebellious spirit”.

lichaeng dazed korea special fall edition_4

Prior to the pictorial shooting with Dazed and Confused, Coca also revealed expectations by stating, “ROSÉ and LISA are stylish. We hope their unpredictable and contemporary style get well expressed”.

ROSÉ and LISA displayed free and witty charms in the shooting scene, which contrasted with Mulberry’s classic outfits.

lichaeng dazed korea special fall edition_1

On the interview that took place along with the pictorial shooting, the members were asked about their recent comeback activities and their mini album. The members responded, “We had a long vacancy. The love and support really meant a lot to us”, and mentioned the concert they recently held in Osaka. They explained, “We hoped that this moment on stage with all four members would last forever”.

lichaeng dazed korea special fall edition_2

On questions that asked about their future plans, ROSÉ responded, “We would like to know how far and how much we can do. All four of us really love music and our jobs”. LISA responded, “We’re happy people. We do what we like”.

Source: YG-Life

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