[YG-LIFE] 180810 BLACKPINK JENNIE Notices Another ‘Legendary Episode’ With Her Reappearance on ‘Running Man’

BLACKPINK JENNIE noticed another legendary episode.

BLACKPINK’s JENNIE, who dominated ‘real-time searched keywords’ as the ‘goddess with losing hands’, will reappear on Running Man as the ‘Vacation goddess’.


JENNIE previously became a hot topic with her unexpected silly charms and losing hands that resemble Lee Gwangsoo on Running Man, broadcasted on July. The video clip that displayed JENNIE crying in the horror room with Lee Gwangsoo surpassed 1 million views on a certain portal site, while surpassing a total of 3 million views combining all views from major portals, VOD, and social media. She was selected as the best variety star of 2018 discovered by ‘Running Man’.

Her aegyo acrostic poem using Lee Gwangsoo’s name also became a hot topic. She revealed her variety senses by reciting, “Now it’s time for president YANG HYUN SUK to let us be. Gwangsoo, how about a glass of suul (alcohol)?”, melting the hearts of Lee Gwangsoo and the viewers.

180810 running man jennie

JENNIE is expected to reveal an upgraded acrostic poem in this week’s episode of ‘Running Man’, as she will be making another guest appearance. A legendary fan-making video is expected to be released with her unexpected and unforseeable aegyo acrostic poem, which captured the hearts of not only members from Running Man, but also the staff.

JENNIE’s activities as the ‘real-time keywords hunter’ will be broadcasted through ‘Running Man’ on August 12 at 4:50 PM.

Source: YG-Life


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