[YG-LIFE] 180813 JENNIE Dances To Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’ on “Running Man”, ‘The Best Minute’ of The Episode

BLACKPINK’s member JENNIE took over the best minute of SBS ‘Running Man’ with her dance for Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’.

According to the viewers rating information and measurement company Nielsen Korea, part 1 of Running Man aired on the 12th reached 5.7%, while part 2 reached 7.0% (capital area households). The show also reached the target viewers rating of 4.8% from ages 20-49, surpassing its rival programs including ‘Happy Sunday’ (4%) and ‘King of Mast Singer’ (2.9%).

BLACKPINK JENNIE and actress Jin Kijoo appeared as guests for the ‘Losing Hand Vacation’ special of Running Man. After becoming a ‘variety star’ by dominating real-time searched keywords through her appearance on ‘Running Man’, JENNIE re-appeared in 3 weeks.

180813 running man jennie 2

She lost her rock, paper, scissors game with Jin Kijoo from the beginning and revealed her losing hand instincts while wearing animal pajamas but revealed her unexpected charms by surprising everyone her archery skills during the ‘loser’s game’.

JENNIE’s aegyos were still there. She challenged an aegyo acrostic poem with ‘Lee Kwangsoo’ again, and made him happy by reciting, “This is how it turned out. Kwangsoo. Do you have time on Wednesday?”. Kwangsoo responded, “I’m free on Wednesday”, but JENNIE made everyone laugh by responding, “I have schedules on Wednesday”.

JENNIE was also the at the center of ‘the best minute’. She gathered attention by dancing to Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’ to stop Kim Jongkook from winning during the final ‘losing hand survival’ mission, and the viewers rating hit the peak of 7.7%.

Jin Kijoo was nervous and stated, “I’ve never seen so many cameras” as it was her first appearance in a variety program but revealed her golden hands opposite to JENNIE. She figured out all members of ‘Running Man’ wearing eye patches, while selecting herself when drawing for the person that will be exempted from the final penalty.

In the end, comedian Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, actress Jeon Somin, Singer Kim Jongkook, and Haha received the final penalty and wore puffer jackets while eating hot sweet potatoes and citrus tea.

Source: YG-Life


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