[MAGAZINE] 180816 BLACKPINK for WWD Beauty Vol.512


WWD: What do you typically fuss about most with your makeup?

Jennie: We sometimes put on heavy makeup for work, so we pay special attention to cleansing. Especially for parts around the eyes and such, we patiently spend time removing our makeup.

WWD: What’s your makeup style like on your days off?

Lisa: Among the members, there are those who put makeup on and those who don’t. Rosé and I put on makeup more often than not.

Jisoo: We have makeup on on days we have to work, so I try not to use makeup too much when we don’t have schedules.

WWD: What’s a style of makeup you’ve had your eye on recently?

Rosé: Lisa’s makeup for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”’s MV. Double layered eyeliner on the eyelids and the corners of the eyes is special, so I really like it!

WWD: What’s your skincare secret for maintaining your beautiful skin?

Jisoo: Aside from cleansing, I use face masks. I use it when I sleep especially when my skin is troubled. Aside from that is adequate hydration.

Jennie: On days when we’ve been wearing makeup for a long time, I definitely try to use a face mask at night.

WWD: The kind of face mask that Korean drugstores ordinarily sell?


WWD: What’s a cosmetics item that you can’t live without?

BLACKPINK: Lipstick!

Jennie: Such as tints and color lip balms. We use different ones depending on the purpose or the scene.


WWD: A lip color you want to use for the coming fall/winter season?

Rosé: Rose.

WWD: What’s something you always have in your bag when you’re walking around?

Jisoo: Concealer.

Jennie: Lip balm.

Rosé: Cushion foundation.

Lisa: Eye drops!

WWD: What do you eat to maintain your beauty?

BLACKPINK: We often drink fruit juices or cleanses filled with vitamins.

WWD: There are members who changed their hair color for this comeback. What do you pay attention to in terms of hair styles?

Jennie: I like it natural. So I usually don’t do anything.

Rosé: It’s been a while since our last comeback, so I wanted to change it up and so I had my hair dyed red. There was also a time when I was a trainee when my hair was red, but it’s really difficult to maintain this color. To minimize the damage on my hair, I use special treatments for colored hair.

WWD: Are the colors decided by yourselves?

Rosé: We decide on them ourselves depending on our MV and performances.

WWD: Do you use perfumes?

BLACKPINK: We don’t much.

Jisoo: We sometimes do it based on our mood for a change of pace.

WWD: Do you also decide on your own nail art?

Jisoo: For nails, we discuss, and then we decide.

Rosé: My nails now (at the time of the interview) are a pink base, with a “Y” motif from the “Young” in my name, “Chaeyoung”.

Lisa: Actually, for the entire MV for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, my nails had the “black” and “pink” image of BLACKPINK.


WWD: What’s your fashion style on your days off?

BLACKPINK: Usually casual.

Jennie: I especially like clothes that make me feel good wearing them. I like T-shirts, crop tops, and sneakers.

WWD: Fashion brands that you like?

Jennie: I like street brands!

WWD: Are there places you go to shop in Japan?

Jennie: Harajuku. I like the atmosphere of the streets. I stroll around and go into places that catch my attention.

Jisoo: When we come to Japan, we go out to shop.

WWD: Who is the group’s fashion leader?

Rosé , Jisoo, Lisa: Jennie!

Jennie: Everyone’s fashion sense is different. It’s just that I like fashion a lot more.

WWD: Where do you get information on fashion nowadays?

BLACKPINK: Nowadays, through social media.

Jisoo: We might buy things we see while walking around.

Rosé: There are so many fashionable people, so I often look at what the people I pass by are wearing.

WWD: You roam around in Korea to shop?

Jennie: Recently, we do most of our shopping online.


WWD: Items you recently like?

Jennie: Accessories! I like necklaces and earrings!

Jisoo: Accessories are a must when going on stage!

WWD: How do you deal with stress when you’re busy?

Jisoo: We play with our pets, or go to eat something delicious. We often go to good places to eat near us. When we’re in Japan, we also eat a lot of things.

Rosé: We ate ramen in Japan!

WWD: What are must-buy things in Japan?

Jisoo: Coffee pudding! It’s not sold in Korea.

Rosé: Jasmine tea. It’s being sold recently in “Olive Young” stores in Korea, but they’re sold in convenience stores in Japan.

Jennie: Avocado flavored Jagariko! (A potato snack). I buy so much I can stack them like a tower (laughs)

Jisoo: You’re always eating it in the car too.

Lisa: I buy milk candy.

WWD: What do you do to maintain your style?

Jisoo: Rather than regulating our diet, we try to maintain it by doing Pilates and exercise.

Jennie: We’re always practicing dance, and on our days off we do Pilates.

WWD: How do you spend your days off?

Jisoo: We definitely sleep a lot!

Jennie: I like to sleep. Even when we’re travelling I sleep a lot.

WWD: Finally, could you give a message to your Japanese fans?

Jisoo: We want to show much we’ve grown performing live. We hope you look forward to our cool performances!

Translation by @black2dpink824

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