[SHOW] 180825 Jisoo & Rosé on tvN Amazing Saturday Episode 21

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Ahead of the episode’s tv broadcast, tvN released some cuts of Jisoo and Rosé on ‘Amazing Saturday’. They explained the reasons for choosing their seatmates as well as proved how much of a big fan they are of the show. The other clip also showed Rosé’s journey guessing the pairs/partners of tv characters to drink sikhye (sweet rice beverage) and eat manggaetteok (red bean filled rice cake). Full episode will air August 25th, Saturday at 7:40PM KST.

Also available on NaverTV (1) | (2)


Also available on NaverTV (1) | (2)

Jisoo and Rosé will be joining the ‘Amazing Saturday’ cast in doing game missions to win the chance to eat delicious food. The show is a mix of music + food variety show with segments where the cast and guests guess song lyrics as well as song titles. Their episode will air on August 25th, Saturday at 7:40PM KST. Just on the recent episode before ChuChaeng’s episode which aired on August 18th, they have to guess the lyrics to BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

Also available on NaverTV