[NEWS] 180825 BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Jisoo Dress Up In “Mr. Sunshine” Costumes With “Amazing Saturday” Cast

The “Amazing Saturday” cast and their guests dressed up in gorgeous period costumes to promote tvN’s drama “Mr. Sunshine!”

On the August 25 episode, the cast came out first, dressed in either Joseon-era clothing (like Moon Se Yoon, dressed as a king) or in Western clothing from the historical time period in which “Mr. Sunshine” is set.

Girls’ Day’s Hyeri and Park Na Rae copied Kim Min Jung’s elegant femme fatale look, while SHINee’s Key and Shin Dong Yup wore the tailored waistcoats and suspenders that Byun Yo Han favors. Hanhae opted for Lee Byung Hun’s sharp suits, while Kim Dong Hyun went the funny route by copying Kim Tae Ri’s hidden-identity look.

180825 amazing saturday chuchaeng_1

As guests, BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Jisoo also came out dressed like Kim Min Young’s character and performed a little of their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” choreography.

Rosé then talked about how much of a fan of the show she was, and the cast chimed in with how much of a fan of BLACKPINK they were. Hyeri and Park Na Rae said that this was their first time meeting a BLACKPINK member, while Key said he had watched them perform once at a music show a few weeks before.

Rosé shared that she’d wanted to sit next to Hyeri and Park Na Rae because she was a fan of “Reply 1988” and that her mom was a huge fan of the comedian. Jisoo wanted to sit beside Key and Kim Dong Hyun because she had analyzed the show and noticed that Key got almost everything right, while Kim Dong Hyun always only got one thing right.

Check out more of the show HERE.

Source: Soompi

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