[YG-LIFE] 180826 Rosé Melts Boom’s Heart on ‘Amazing Saturday’ With Her Aegyo

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ won the Boomka chance with her aegyo that melted Boom’s heart in ‘Amazing Saturday’.

On tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’ aired on the 25th, BLACKPINK’s JISOO and ROSÉ appeared as guests and revealed their charms.

180825 amazing saturday chuchaeng_5

After hitting a wall on the last round, members of Doremi requested for a ‘Boomka chance’ which MC Boom specifically points out where they were wrong. However, Boom responded, “It became a paid content. You can pay with your individual skills, instead of money”.

ROSÉ stated, “Can I do it now”, and performed a dance with a song filled with aegyo for Boom. She changed the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s ‘BOOMBAYAH’ to “Boom Boom Bah Boom Boom Bah Oppa” as she performed the song. Boom could not hide his joy and melted at ROSÉ’s unexpected aegyo skills.

Boom was satisfied and gave out the ‘Boomka chance’ after stating, “This can song be used for an ice cream commercial”.

Check out more of the show HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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