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LISA’s Intro on Real Men 300 Home Page

Lisa Intro on Site


Thai global idol who even accepted going to the army! ‘Lisa’
Maknae beauty ‘Ddu-ru ddu-ru♬’! Lovely maknae who showed & received love from cast members
Our Lisa”s adjustment on her life’s first Korean army (experience) will be unfolded

*’우리사’ could be a play on words 우리 (uri = our) + 리사 (Lisa)*

*may contain inaccuracies*

On September 18th, the cast and crew of Real Men 300 held a press conference for the upcoming broadcast of the show. Lisa couldn’t attend the event due to an overseas schedule (KitKat Japan’s 45th anniversary party) but she got a chance to be interviewed and talk to the other cast members through a phone call. Watch the English subbed video by MBC below.

More Teaser Photos

On September 15th, MBC released new photos of BLACKPINK Lisa and other female cast of Real Men 300 undergoing health checkup in preparation for their military enlistment~


MBC released another teaser on September 14th introducing more of the full cast experiencing military training. The teaser showed how Lisa how automatically laughs/smiles and then the sad face. She felt touched when her Jisoo unnie sent a letter, smiling then crying and then smiling/laughing again showing her charm as the youngest member.

ENGSUBS by @BeulPingSubs

Full Teaser available on Naver TV

Before the pilot episode the Real Men 300 cast will be doing VLIVE broadcasts on September 18~


Waiting Room VLIVE 2:30PM KST


Press Conference VLIVE 3:00PM KST


On September 7th, MBC released moving poster, now featuring the whole cast members~

On the morning of August 31st, MBC revealed that ‘Real Men 300’ will start airing on September 21, Friday at 9:55PM KST.

Source: News1

ENGSUBS by @BeulPingSubs

Watch the full raw video of the female cast below!

Also available on NaverTV

MBC released a 1-minute preview of Real Men 300 on August 28th! Check out our Lisa in military uniform below! Show airing sometime in September!

Also available on NaverTV



On August 27th, MBC revealed the first batch of moving posters for Real Men 300 which will be airing sometime in September 2018! The set of teasers include our Lalisa! The poster’s caption says “Maknae (youngest) me Ddu-du ddu-du, LISA”, seemingly a play on ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ lyrics. Check out the teaser below!

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Watch Lisa’s solo moving poster on NaverTV

On July 26th, MBC confirmed that Lisa will be part of the new season of Real Men set to be aired on September 2018! Lisa, along with the new cast members, enlisted on July 29th at the Korea Army Academy in Yeongcheon. Ending the filming on August 2, the cast held a VLIVE broadcast to share their experience training in the military. Lisa also updated BLINKs coming back from shooting the show.

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