[YG-LIFE] 180830 BLACKPINK LISA on ‘Real Men 300’, “I Made it Until the End Thinking About the Members”

BLACKPINK LISA revealed her magnetic charms, making people want to watch ‘Real Men 300’. She summarized her training with the phrase “I made it until the end”, while reveling the fact that she thought about other members of BLACKPINK when there were hard times. At the same time, she became a promotion fairy asking the viewers to watch ‘Real Men 300’, making everyone burst into laughter.

180830 real men 300 poster photoshoot lisa caps_6

MBC’s ‘Real Men 300’ (Directed by Choi Mingeun, Jang Seungmin) expected to premiere on September, revealed a making video containing the poster shooting scene by the members on August 30 through their Real Men 300 channel on Naver TV.

MBC’s first seasonal comeback program ‘Real Men 300’ will share the ‘300 Warrior’ selection process to choose the nation’s representative soldiers. The program started its first shooting on Korea’s 3rd Military Academy located in Yeongcheon, and will reveal the evaluation process and final tests to becoming the ‘honorary 300 warrior combatant’.

The revealed video showed members shooting for the poster sincerely while happily exchanging conversations with each other while smiling, after completing their journey in ‘Real Men 300’.

180830 real men 300 lisa_1

LISA stated, “Hello, this is the poster filming scene of ‘Real Men 300”, and introduced the poster shooting scene. She was later asked to express her character in 5 words during the training process, and she replied “I did it until the end”, and smiled.

On the question asking what makes her overcome hard times, she replied, “I think of JENNIE, JISOO, ROSÉ, and BLACKPINK”. During the interview, she smiled because of Mathew who approached her.

While smiling and exchanging conversations with Mathew, LISA expressed her gratitude by stating, “You reminded me of my father. Thank you for taking good care of me”.

180830 real men 300 poster photoshoot lisa caps_5

The female members of ‘Real Men 300’ grabbed the people’s attention with their short but fierce interview held on the poster shooting scene. They are raising expectations on the show since they looked to be strong and close to each other through comradeship and training. The program ‘Real Men 300’ is expected to premiere on September, to announce the return of the members as the army’s ‘300 warriors’.

Check out more of the show HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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