[NEWS] 180920 LISA’s Voice Melts the ‘Real Men 300’ Press Conference Scene

“Let’s get a meal together when you have the time!”

On September 19 (Wed), MBC uploaded a video of the ‘Real Men 300’ press conference with captions “Shows strong presence simply through a phone interview #BLACKPINK #LISA” through the channel’s official Facebook.

The uploaded video was a phone interview with ‘LISA’ from idol group BLACKPINK, and the interview contents were provided with English subtitles.

LISA could not physically attend the ‘Real Men 300’ press conference. Therefore, she had a phone interview at the time with journalists.

Through the phone interview, LISA shared her thoughts on taking part in ‘Real Men 300’ by stating, “The training was difficult, but I was able to complete it as we encouraged each other”.

On the reactions by members of BLACKPINK, she replied, “The members told me, ‘Take care. You can do it. We have faith in you’. I thought about the support from members every time things got rough”.

In the end of the interview, LISA brightened up the scene by affectionately inquiring the cast, “Hello! How are you? I miss you. You’ve all done great, and let’s get a meal together when you have the time!”.

180920 lisa phonecal at real men 300 presscon

‘Real Men 300’ covers the process of its cast participating in the ‘300 Warrior’ selection process by the ROK army. Casts include Kang Jihwan, Ahn Hyunsu, Matthew Douma, Kim Hoyoung, Hong Seok, Kim Jaehwa, Shinji, Lee Yoobi, and LISA. The show premieres on September 21 (Fri) at 9:55 PM.

Check more info about the show HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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