[YG-LIFE] 180924 BLACKPINK Receives Love Call from the US, “Entering Billboard Proves Competitiveness”

2018 was a big year for girl group BLACKPINK(JENNIE, ROSÉ, JISOO, LISA). As they successfully proved their competitiveness in music markets overseas, people are paying keen attention and looking forward to their future steps.

After making debut back on August 2016, BLACPINK has been receiving the spotlight. The fact that they were the new girl group from YG that will follow the legacy of 2NE1, the group with global influence at the time was a topic of conversation. The team organizing process after the group’s debut was also a big issue, as the group was in the center of spotlight.

180706 blackpink

Starting with their debut song ‘WHISTLE’, the group received favorable reviews on their musicality and achieved commercial success through songs ‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, ‘STAY’, and ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’, despite being a rookie girl group. Their stage manners, charisma, charming visuals, and mystic concept made people compare the group to ‘jewels’, and made a strong impression on the public.

After 1 year of vacancy, BLACKPINK flew high once again by releasing their first-ever mini album, ‘SQUARE UP’. Through upgraded musicality and matured star quality, the group connected with the public and led to remarkable results not only in various Korean music charts, but also in foreign markets. The title song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ debuted at US Billboard 200 as no. 40 and at Billboard Hot 100 as no. 55, which was a milestone in K-Pop girl group history.

180626 billboard

It is currently the highest record ever achieved by all girl groups in the history of K-Pop. Although they failed to chart-in after a week, it surely proved the album’s strong presence in markets overseas. The Billboard 200 and Hot 100 Charts count pure album sales and digital sales in the US to convert them into a specific score, which are aggregated into total points. They are classic charts with a long history and public confidence.


BLACKPINK also successfully completed the ‘BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018’ on August in Makuhari Messe Event Hall, proving their strong influence in Japan. Using the momentum, they will hold ‘BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR [IN YOUR AREA] SEOUL X BC CARD’ on November. It will be their first-ever concert being held in Seoul, while also being an opportunity to connect with the Korean fans.

Meanwhile, it is said that BLACKPINK’s entry into the US is also currently on the way. In fact, BLACKPINK will release the super deluxe edition album which contains 3 singles collaborated with global Pop Star Dua Lipa, on October 19 (local time). The fact that Dua Lipa announced the news through her social media herself is also gathering attention. It was practically a collaboration rather than simply featuring, which proves BLACKPINK’s musical exchange with Dua Lipa.


BLACKPINK is currently receiving endless offers from local label companies. Related officials from YG are continuously attending meetings through the agency’s US local branch. There have been multiple love calls regarding album promotion schedules and concerts, but were not achieved due to the group’s busy schedule.

Related officials have hinted Star News that, “BLACKPINK’s achievements in the Billboard Chart became an opportunity to prove the group’s competitiveness in the US market”. People are paying keen attention on BLACKPINK’s next step towards foreign markets, as they have reached their 3rd year after making debut.

Source: YG-Life

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