[NEWS] 180927 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo & Rosé Selected As New Models of Make Up Brand ‘Kiss Me’

Jisoo & Rosé were named as the new official models of makeup brand “Kiss Me”. They were chosen to maintain and strengthen it’s lead among makeup brands as well as to take a step forward to having more active and trendy marketing activities.

180927 jisoo rose kiss me

An official from “Kiss Me” said that Jisoo & Rosé have successfully completed the (endorsement) shoot in September. Furthermore, the official said that their trendy charms are well-suited for the brand and expects to get positive response from the consumers.

Campaign ads with Jisoo & Rosé will be released in drugstores nationwide and in SNS on October 1st. Various events will also be available for consumers.


“Kiss Me” is a Japanese makeup brand which has been loved by women in their 20s and 30s because of its distinctive quality and distinctive image. They have recently established a Korean subsidiary last March to expand its market.

Source: Herald Pop
Translations: Jaybee of YGDreamers | @black2dpink824 | @_parkchaengs

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