[NEWS] 180930 BLACKPINK Is 3rd Place on Comprehensive September 2018 Korean Celebrities Brand Reputation Rankings

The Korean Business Research Institute revealed a new comprehensive list of September 2018 brand reputation rankings for Korean celebrities. Their findings are based on 288,148,301 pieces from 100 popular Korean stars of data collected from August 28 to September 29 of 2018.

The data measures various indexes including participation (brands the celebrity has participated in or product consumption), media (media marketing worth), communication (ability to communicate with public) , and community (community’s perception of them/social marketing worth) to determine their brand reputation.

180930 sept 2018 brand index reputation korean celebs graph

BLACKPINK came in 3rd place place with a combined brand reputation score of 9,961,932.

180930 sept 2018 brand index reputation korean celebs list

Taking a closer look at the analysis, BLACKPINK has 459,800 points on the Participation Index category while having 981,590 points on the Media Index category. On the Communication Index category, the group got 5,194,800 while getting 3,325,741 points for Community Perception Index.

Moreover, as an individual, Jennie got into No.91 on the survey list with a total brand index of 1,054,463. Congrats to the girls!



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