[MAGAZINE] BLACKPINK on Grazia China October 2018 Issue (INTERVIEW + PHOTOS)

Grazia China went to Seoul for an exclusive shoot and interview with one of the most successful Kpop girl group. This will be BLACKPINK’s first magazine shoot/cover in China.

On the filming day at 1PM at a studio in Gangnam, Seoul, BLACKPINK members arrived. Only after confirming that the photoshoot ended, that the 4 ladies were able to relax and change into their own clothing. Some were in checkered shirt with jeans, some were middy blouses with shorts and some were in T-shirt with track pants. The girls with different styles all squeezed onto the big sofa in the makeup room and held each other’s hands intimately. During the interview, the four pair of eyes all emitted innocent vibes, hey, can I just ask if this is the BLACKPINK that kills people with your stage presence?

Translation by: @poopheyy


181019 grazia china weibo


Grazia: I heard you have a habit at essay writing? How long have you been doing it?
Jisoo: Wow, how did you know? Compared to writing word for word, actually, it is more like a diary. I have been writing for about 2-3 years. I used to write when I was stressed, and I used writing as a form of relieving stress. But for now, I write before I go to sleep to make myself feel at ease. It has already become a habit for me.

G: How do you take care of SNS?
JS: If talking about Instagram, I started it so that fans who love us, can understand us better. Look at what we do in our daily and personal life. Even on days when we have schedules, they will be curious (at what we are doing) too~

G: Do you look out for other people’s movement?
JS: Yes! Actually I look at other peoples’ account too. Among all, I’m very focused on models and fashion related accounts.

G: Do you have your own fashion idol?
JS: It changes frequently. Hahaha. Fashion trend changes all the time too. Because we take magazine covers often, I will take notice of recent fashion trends, and do my homework often. Make up too. I’ll look at it often and practice.

G: If you see anything interesting, will you share it with your makeup/hair/stylist team to try it out?
JS: After I look at it, I will have this thought: can I try it out myself, will everyone like it? I’ll keep a mental note to myself and when we release our own work, and have a suitable part, I’ll consider adding it in.

G:Do you exercise often? How do you maintain your figure?
JS: I won’t particularly take notice of it. But before concerts/performances, I will go do air (flying) yoga and do some fitness management. In terms of my diet, I’ll eat whatever I want to eat, but I will take notice of my weight.

G: If you don’t care about the reality now, where would you want to go for a holiday?
JS: For me, I want to go Spain! I have friends who went and when they came back, they said it was very fun and recommended it a lot. They said they can see many things, the people there are very friendly too. Even if there is a communication barrier, you can see their friendliness through their eyes and body language.

G: Are you sensitive to the change of seasons?
JS: I’m not very sensitive. I personally like winter. I like the cold feeling. If there is a chance, I would like to visit Alaska. China has very cold places too, right? Harbin and northeast China. I heard if you buy ice cream, you don’t need to put into the fridge. Its interesting so I want to visit it!


Grazia: As the cover goddess, in your experience of photoshoots, have you faced any difficulties with the styling and the theme?
Jennie: As of now, no. I am a person who gets more excited when I’m faced with challenges. I have a personality to take on challenges. Take today for example, I felt the hardest was during group photoshoots. Everyone needs to cooperate and needs to be pretty. Haha. If I am by myself, I can take whatever I want. Theme and styling is no issue.

G: I heard you like to be photographed. What’s the fun of it?
JN: No, no, no. There is an misunderstanding. I like to take photos too! I bring my film camera wherever I go, I brought it with me today too!

G: Do you have a fashion idol? If there is a chance, whose wardrobe do you want to see?
JN: Actually, I don’t have. I think there is no need to follow people’s fashion.

G: Which 3 products can be used to best describe Jennie? How long do you spend on personal fashion, normally?
JN: I can only think of film cameras now! When I go out with my friends in private, I wear whatever I want, as long as it’s comfortable. I won’t do makeups too, its all bare-faced. When we have schedules, we put on makeups everyday, I need to give my skin some rest.

G: Do you have any fashion trend that you’re interested in?
JN: I recently think that 80’s retro is very cool!

G: I heard that you “live your life while you learn”, among your interests, which do you want to further look into?
JN: Hahaha. I want to do film photography well.


Grazia: What song/artist has Rosé been listening to?
Rosé: I listen to a lot of songs, normally. (Took out her phone) LANY’s new album!

G: A skill that you really want to possess?
RS: I’m very interested in art related things. For example, drawing. I want to improve my skills.

G: Do you enjoy looking at exhibitions?
RS: Yes, very much. My schedules is very busy so I have no time. If I have time, I will definitely visit it. (G. Do you have a favourite artist?) There’s too many. When we have overseas schedules, we visit different cities. When I’m in the cities/country, I’ll take notice and try to understand who are the artists that are popular in the cities/country.

G: Since you are interested in arts, have you even thought of participating in designing front covers?
RS: During recording, I have an understanding of the concept of the album. If I have an inspiration that’s correspondent, I will discuss with the staff to see if it can be used.

G: You can play many instruments, have you thought of trying composing?
RS: I have an interest! But I haven’t had the chance to try so I’m not sure as of now. When I have the feeling, I’ll let everyone know!

G: I heard that you are interested in watching interview videos. What’s the reason? Are you curious about others? If you have the opportunity, who would you want to interview?
RS: Because everyone is different, I’m curious about everyone’s charming point. I’ll also look at how artists express their own thoughts. Once I start watching, I will keep watching, and I can’t stop.

G: Have you tried anything daring? Or anything daring that you want to try.
RS: Uhm…. I like high places, would love to go to the world’s highest place, but not bungee (jumping). Just to look from a high place, with a wide field of vision.

G: If you are able to have a second season of variety show, what would you want the content to be? Or where do you want to go together with the members
RS: Fans are curious about how we get along with each other, I would want to show it to everyone! If there’s a chance, I want to go overseas with the members!


Grazia: How was the photoshoot today?
Lisa: It’s a new concept! “辛苦了” (Lisa said “You worked so hard” in Chinese)

G: Your Chinese is amazing!
LS: I can speak more. There were Chinese classes in my elementary school. I still remember something like “Stand up”, “Sit down”, “Hello, sir.”

G: People think that you have a different charisma when you are on the stage? How could you get ready immediately when you are on the stage?
LS: Hahahaha. I’m also nervous. When I see those artists and singers or models whom I like so much do the performances, I feel “Wow”, wish I can do that too. I learned it gradually.

G: People praise your photography skills. What do you take pics for usually? Do you use SLR?
LS: I use reflex camera. Everything. For people, usually members. (G: I saw you taking pictures for Rosé with your cellphone) Oh yes, they are my models.

G: Do you watch any dramas or movies, recently? Any China movies or dramas?
LS: I happened to see a Chinese drama “A Love So Beautiful” (致我們單純的小美好), and I learned a line “I like you” (我喜歡你) in Chinese. Hahaha, so cute. (G: Do you see Chinese dramas often?) Actually, this is the first time. I heard that there will be a “Boys Over Flowers” Chinese version, I am planning to watch it.

G: What about your cats in the dorm? Are they well-behaved?
LS: I have two cats in the dorm. One is Leo. I like Leo especially. Whenever I call for Leo, he would give me responses immediately. I called “Leo” from the living room and he would come out from my room. Leo is well behaved. The second (cat) is only a few months old. He doesn’t give any responses, but it’s so cute and funny.

G: What Chinese food do you want to try the most?
LS: Cabobs! I super like it! I like spicy food hahahaha.

G: Do you pay attention on fitness? How do you keep your body in shape?
LS: I can’t do fitness when we have jobs every day during comeback. When I have some free time, I will go to the gym or do some simple training at home.

G: Share with us one happy thing.
L: wow. Recently, I have some free time to rest. I can stay home to play with my cats, watch movies or dramas. I feel happy.

Photo Source: Grazia China Weibo (1) | (2)
JenJiChaeng Interview CH-EN Translation: @_parkchaengs
Lisa Interview CH-EN Translation: @LISANATIONS_

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