[YG-LIFE] 181025 BLACKPINK JENNIE Confirmed to Make Debut on November 12, Reveals Provocative Image Poster

BLACKPINK JENNIE confirmed her solo debut date to November 12.

On October 25 at 10 AM, YG Entertainment revealed an image poster that included the phrase, ‘JENNIE SOLO November 12, 2018’ through their official blog.


JENNIE presented a provocative vibe with her baby face and freckles contrasting with her red outfit and lip-stick color.

The poster increased the fans’ expectations on JENNIE’s first solo debut, as she was known as the ‘walking mannequin’ and ‘pictorial maestro’.

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK previously wrote, “We will release JENNIE’s solo track and continue with ROSÉ’s solo track. The purpose of this project is to present that the members’ outstanding solo skills are part of BLACKPINK’s biggest strengths, as much as the team’s strong teamwork” through his social media, noticing BLACKPINK’s upcoming plans.

JENNIE’s solo track, which will be the first to be released among solo tracks by all members, will be revealed for the first time through BLACKPINK’s first-ever concert in Korea which will be held in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena next month on the 10th and 11th.

JENNIE announced to go through an unconventional schedule of revealing her solo performances for the two days during the concert, then releasing the track on the 12th.


After displaying ‘massive potential’ ever since she was a trainee at YG Entertainment, she became an artist with both musicality and popularity after going through special training.

Related officials of YG stated, “JENNIE will present her outstanding skills acquired during her 6 years of training through her solo activities”.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently partnered with Interscope Records, which is the representative label of Universal Music Group, the largest music enterprise in the world. YG Entertainment will create various global projects with Universal Music Group as an agency that specializes in the Asian market.

Furthermore, the MV for ‘BOOMBAYAH’ surpassed 400 million YouTube views on the 23rd. It became the first debut track to surpass 400 million views in K-Pop history, while BLACKPINK became the group with the most number of MVs with over 400 million views among all K-Pop groups, by holding 3.

Source: YG-Life

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