On October 27th, YG revealed another teaser for Jennie’s solo debut track which they confirmed to be titled ‘SOLO’.

The main man behind the song is none other than BLACKPINK’s main producer who has worked with the girls’ discography since debut, TheBlackLabel’s head, Teddy. He wrote the lyrics and worked with 24, producer at TheBlackLabel, for the composition of the track. This combination is no stranger to making music for solo artists as they have also worked with Sunmi for ‘Gashina’ and ‘Heroine’.

‘SOLO’ is a hip hop song added with pop elements. Also, the direct and honest lyrics on top of the beautiful chords and simple melody line will immediately capture the ears of listeners.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk has previously revealed that all BLACKPINK will start doing solo projects one by one with Jennie being the first to do so followed by Rosé.

Jennie’s solo will be heard and witnessed first hand by BLINKs at BLACKPINK’s first domestic solo concert in Seoul on November 10 and 11. Song and accompanying music video will then be dropped the day after on November 12.


Source: YG-Life

Official BLACKPINK + YGE SNS accounts and Yang Hyun Suk’s Personal Instagram also shared the recent achievement!