[SHOW] BLACKPINK on Osen’s ‘Star Road’


OSEN’s “Star Road” is a program where Korean celebrities showcase charms that haven’t been seen yet or a different side of celebrities than the ones fans know on stage. From casual interviews to real daily life footage, it is expected to be well-received by fans. Its episodes broadcast exclusively on Naver’s VLIVE. Source

10.27.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ Teaser #01
10.29.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ Teaser #02
10.31.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ Teaser #03
11.02.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.01
11.02.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.02
11.05.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.03
11.05.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.04
11.06.2018BLACKPINK Special #01 LisaXRosé’s Rest Time
11.07.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.05
11.07.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.06
11.08.2018BLACKPINK Special #02 LisaXRosé’s Photo Scores?
11.09.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.07
11.09.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.08
11.12.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.09
11.12.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.10
11.13.2018BLACKPINK Special #03 JennieXJisoo’s Rest Time
11.14.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.11
11.14.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.12
11.15.2018BLACKPINK Special #04 Interview
11.16.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.13
11.16.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.14
11.19.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.15
11.19.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.16
11.20.2018BLACKPINK Special #05 Snack Time
11.21.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.17
11.21.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.18
11.22.2018BLACKPINK Special #06 Live Replay
11.23.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.19
11.23.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.20
11.26.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.21
11.26.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.22
11.27.2018BLACKPINK Special #07 BLACKPINK in Star Road
11.28.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.23
11.28.2018BLACKPINK ‘Star Road’ EP.24

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