[SHOW] BLACKPINK on SBS ‘We Will Channel You’




“We Will Channel You” is a variety show in which celebrities create videos with their own content or themes and try to gain many subscribers and views. They will also observe the production processes of their own videos in the studio.

Kang Ho Dong, Yang Se Hyung and BIGBANG’s Seungri currently appear as fixed members on the show.

The show airs every Thursday at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Official Site: LINK
YouTube Channel: LINK
Naver TV Channel: LINK

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181213: EPISODE 5


This video looks like the one BLACKPINK and the main cast panelist watched and commented on the episode.
TORRENT (FULL EP)(1.8GB) 720p | (3.2GB) 1080p
RAW BLACKPINK CUToutoftheblue211: 720p.mp4 | 1080p.ts
ENGSUB by @poopheyyLINK1
ENGSUB by @poopheyy LINK2
ENGSUB by @poopheyy LINK3
ENGSUB by @poopheyy LINK4
ENGSUB by @poopheyy LINK5

181220: EPISODE 6


TORRENT (FULL EP)(1.75GB) 720p | (3.10GB) 1080p
RAW DL by outoftheblue211(2.35GB) 720p.mp4 | (10.3GB) 1080p.ts

We’ll edit this part once subbed videos and subtitles are available. There aren’t subbed episodes of the show so far.

181227: EPISODE 7

TORRENT (FULL EP)(1.77GB) 720p | (3.14GB) 1080p

180117: EPISODE 10

TORRENT (FULL EP)(1.66GB) 720p | (2.95GB) 1080p

190214: EPISODE 14

TORRENT (FULL EP)(1.61GB) 720p

181218 Teaser

181218 Episode 6 Teaser Stills

This week’s “We Will Channel You” will show BLACKPINK members’ life with their pets. Kuma went with Jennie to photoshoots and showed its charms by understanding two languages (Korean and English). Kuma responds whenever Jennie speaks in any of the two languages.

Kang Hodong who was watching in the studio said that he is jealous of Kuma who understands two languages.

Rosé introduced her smart/clever fish “Juhwang-ie”. Juhwang surprised everyone by showing its hard-to-believe talents as a fish.

It will also show the daily life of Jisoo and Lisa with their pets, Jisoo’s “Dalgom-ie” and “Leo”, in their room and showing their natural and simple, and comfortable appearance.

T/N: Also its so cute how the reporter wrote 반려몰고기 for Juhwang haha 반려동물 means companion pets. So it makes sense for members’ dogs and cats. But this reporter called Juhwang companion fish which is so cute hahahaha

Translated by @_parkchaengs
Source: Sports Joseon

181213 Episode 5 Teaser Stills


181211 Teaser

181206 Teaser

BLACKPINK to appear on the December 13 episode of SBS ‘We Will Channel You’.

181204 Kang Hodong’s Jennie SOLO ASMR Parody

181130 Teaser

Full Teaser: YouTubeNaverTV

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