[NEWS] 181208 BLACKPINK Is Amazed By The Trainees Of “YG Treasure Box” As Guest Judges

In the fourth episode of “YG Treasure Box,” BLACKPINK appeared as judges.

During the December 7 episode, the trainees showed their unique talents in order to express themselves within three minutes and gain a spot in the debut group.

BLACKPINK became judges of the individual evaluations to choose a challenger. A parade of talents were shown, and the girl group thoroughly inspected each trainee. The members were delighted to see the trainees’ various talents and praised their skills.

Lisa, who heard Wang Jyunhao sing “Forever Young,” put the word “cute” on his sheet, and when he missed the beat, Jisoo commented, “It was a bit weird just now.” However, after seeing his “happy virus” dance to the song, she couldn’t help but laugh in delight, and Rosé said, “The fact that he can do something like this means he’s overflowing with confidence.” After watching all the trainees, Jennie commented, “We almost fell into a swamp of the jewelry box. There were so many jewels.”

On the day of the first concert, Treasure 7’s signal song “Going Crazy” was revealed. The evaluation was done by 100 employees of YG Entertainment.

The challenger was decided by BLACKPINK. Kim Yeongue challenged Park Jungwoo, who won the top vocal performance at the end of last month, and he performed “Stay” by BLACKPINK. Kim Yeongue said, “I think my eye smile is my most attractive point.” Then he worriedly added, “I think I am lacking, and Jungwoo is better at singing than me.”

The performance was neck and neck, as the two trainees are close friends and great rivals. Yang Hyun Suk commented, “There was a preconceived notion that Park Jungwoo would win. I think Kim Yeongue’s vocals are good for this song.” Park Jungwoo left Treasure 7 and went back to being a trainee. He vowed, “I will work hard and try hard to get back in.”

Watch episode four HERE

Source: Soompi

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