[SHOW] 181215 JENNIE Performs ‘SOLO’ Stage on MBC Music Core + Places 2nd This Week

Jennie performed ‘SOLO’ on the December 15th episode of MBC Music Core! She also was nominated for 1st place vs TWICE vs MINO and eventually placed 2nd. Congrats to Jennie for winning and doing so good on the charts after a month since the release of the debut track. Also, thank you and great job to BLINKs who continually stream her song and MV~ ^^

Check out the breakdown of points, official live performance clip and exclusive MBCEnt fancam below!

[OFFICIAL] ‘SOLO’ Live Performance

You can also watch the performance on Naver TV

[OFFICIAL] 1st Place Result + Encore Stage

You can watch parts of the encore with Jennie. She even danced to MINO’s ‘Fiancé’.

[MBCENT FANCAM] Encore Stage


[CHART] Points Breakdown

Digital + Album (50 + 10%): 4,099
Viewers Pre-voting + Broadcast Score + MV Views (25%): 946
Live Text Vote (15%): 355
Total: 5,400


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