[NEWS] Kwanghee Fanboys Over BLACKPINK’s Jennie on SBS We Will Channel You

Kwanghee paid a memorable visit to the SBS broadcasting studio on the latest episode of “We Will Channel You”!

On the December 27 episode of the variety show, Kwanghee reunited with Kang Ho Dong when he appeared as a guest on the program. The singer-turned-TV personality was recently discharged after 21 months of military service.

Kwanghee, a former host of “Inkigayo” who still holds the title for longest-running MC, walked around the studio with Kang Ho Dong. When they went to the cafeteria to enjoy some of the famous “Inkigayo” sandwiches, they ran into BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Kwanghee expressed surprise and joy at seeing the girl group member, and he immediately bought another sandwich for her.

Kwanghee had previously named BLACKPINK as the girl group who had given him the most strength during his military service in his post-discharge interview. After running into Jennie in the cafeteria, he danced to her solo debut track “SOLO” and also came up with an acrostic poem using the phrase “Jennie SOLO.”

-omitted parts not related BLACKPINK or Jennie-

Source: Soompi

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