[MISC] Born In The Year Of The Pig, Jisoo Talks About 2018 And Her Dreams + Share New Year’s Messages

2019 is the year of the golden pig! This is special as gold is a symbol of wealth and the pig is a symbol of luck. With these two lucky symbols combined, many people are hoping that their hopes and dreams come true in 2019.

The media outlet Sports Chosun spoke to many K-pop stars born in the year of the pig (24 years ago in 1995 or early 1996) about their best and worst memories from 2018 and their hopes for the new year. The idols also shared a new year’s message for their fans.

Check out what Jisoo had to say below!

“The best thing I did was successfully completing our first Seoul concert, and the most regretful thing was not seeing our fans more often,” said Jisoo. “My goal is to come back with a new appearance as BLACKPINK so that fans can be happy.”

She continued, “Fans who always love Jisoo and BLACKPINK! I was able to spend a happy, full year thanks to all of you. I hope you’ll cheer us on and love us a lot in 2019 as well. BLACKPINK will work hard so that you guys can have a fun new year! They say that 2019 is the year of the golden pig, and I hope that the year will be full of luck for all fo you. Happy new year!”

Source: Soompi

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