[NEWS] BLACKPINK ROSÉ Decorates Magazine Cover With Her Chic and Mature Visuals

BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s magazine cover pictorial and interview have been revealed.

The pictorial presented ROSÉ’s chic and mature looks, different from her usual bright and lovely charms.

Through the interview held after the pictorial shooting, ROSÉ shared what she’s been up to. She recently performed live on Instagram with a musician, both playing instruments live as though doing an online concert. She said in the interview, “I wanted to show my fans myself enjoying music in the most natural way possible. I’m planning on covering songs often that I enjoy singing.”

She stated, “I feel like each performance is special these days, more than before”. Regarding the group’s upcoming comeback in June, she showed determination by stating, “I’m looking forward to it. I want to give people strength”.

“I think of my job as being to show a new energy when I get up on stage,” she said. “I want to show various different colors, as a singer and as a performer.”

The cover of the magazine, being published in 3 different versions, have been selected through fan voting. BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s exclusive pictorial and interview are available through the July edition of ‘Elle’ and its official website.

Source: YG-Life | Soompi

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